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DIY – Smart Home Usage Ideas

DIY – Smart Home Usage Ideas

The smart home technology revolution not only makes everyday life more convenient but also safer and more efficient. Below, we’ve compiled some practical ideas to make your home smarter and more functional.

Here are some examples of how you can use smart home technology in your daily life:

Comfort lighting control: Turn lights on and off from the app or automatically on a schedule.

Wireless switching: Use wireless switches where wires are missing or damaged.

Group on/off switching: Turn off all lights at once, for example, when leaving home.

Turning off forgotten lights: Remotely or through automatic schedules.

Presence simulation: Timed light switching to simulate being home.

Staircase timer: Timed switch-off with smart control.

Socket control: Timed or remote control of devices plugged into sockets, turning off devices left on.

Multi-speed fans: Smart control of multiple speeds.

Coloured and white LED strips, LED bulbs: Smart control.

230V dimmable bulbs: Brightness adjustment.

Automatic night light: Reduced brightness for night-time lighting.

Motorised blinds: Smart control, automatic movement based on time of day, sunrise/sunset, group control, remote control.

Shade control: Control hard-to-reach window openers or shades.

Motorising vertical blinds: Smart control, timed opening/closing.

Garden gate, door opener motor, garage door: Mobile phone control, remote internet control.

Irrigation system: Timed control.

Garden or other lighting: Based on motion, time of day, flexible scheduling for decorative lighting from your phone.

Electric heating: Based on temperature or controlling electric heating in a remote building (e.g., holiday home) from the app.

Circulation pumps, aquariums: Cycle control, greenhouse ventilation.

Energy consumption measurement: Tracking in the app.

Door and window open/close status monitoring: Mobile phone alerts.

Leak, smoke, gas leak detection: Automatic alerts and gas valve shutoff.


These ideas help make your home more comfortable, safer, and energy-efficient.