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Shelly Qubino Wave PRO 1PM smart DIN-rail relay with 1-gang, power meter, with Z-Wave protocol

The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1PM is a 1-channel, smart, DIN-rail mounted relay module with power meter feature, using Z-Wave technology, that integrates well with a wide range of Z-Wave hubs and gateways. Its high compatibility makes it an ideal choice for both residential and corporate applications.

With its focus on energy efficiency, security and ease of use, this Z-Wave 800 Series product is a cutting edge solution for both smart homes and commercial building automation.

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Upgrade your home with the Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM, the ultimate solution for smart home automation. This advanced relay switch is designed to provide efficient control and monitoring of your electrical devices, ensuring convenience, safety, and energy savings.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM fits easily behind your existing wall switches or sockets, making it an ideal choice for a seamless integration into your home decor.
  • Real-time Power Monitoring: Keep track of your energy consumption with real-time power monitoring. The device provides accurate readings, helping you reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.
  • Remote Control: Use the Shelly app to control your devices remotely from anywhere in the world. Turn your lights on or off, schedule operations, and create custom scenes for enhanced comfort and security.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with major voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your devices hands-free using simple voice commands.
  • Overload and Overheat Protection: Built-in safety features ensure that your devices and home are protected from electrical hazards. The relay switch automatically turns off in case of overload or overheating.

Integration and Compatibility:

The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM integrates seamlessly with various smart home systems, making it a versatile addition to your smart home setup. It is compatible with:

  • Z-Wave Networks: Easily add the device to your existing Z-Wave network for enhanced interoperability with other Z-Wave certified devices.
  • Smart Home Platforms: Works with popular smart home platforms like SmartThings, Home Assistant, and Fibaro, allowing you to create complex automation routines.
  • Voice Assistants: As mentioned, it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice control.


  • Power Supply: 110-230V ±10% 50/60Hz AC
  • Maximum Load: 10A (Resistive)
  • Wireless Protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Range: Up to 50 meters outdoors and up to 30 meters indoors
  • Dimensions: 41 x 36 x 16 mm

Installation and Setup:

Installing the Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM is straightforward and can be done by any qualified electrician. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the user manual for a hassle-free setup. Once installed, use the Shelly app to configure your device, set schedules, and monitor energy consumption.

The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their home's smart capabilities. With its robust features, safety protections, and seamless integration options, this relay switch provides unparalleled convenience and control over your electrical devices. Upgrade to the Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 1 PM and experience the future of smart home living.

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Shelly Qubino Wave PRO 1PM smart DIN-rail relay with 1-gang, power meter, with Z-Wave protocol
Shelly Qubino Wave PRO 1PM smart DIN-rail relay with 1-gang, power meter, with Z-Wave protocol