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SONOFF SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch-M5, 1-gang, dim grey (M5-1C-86)

Sonoff M5-1C-86 is a Wi-Fi + eWeLink Remote Hub (Bluetooth) compatible smart switch with a physical push-button for one circuit control, which is a smart fitting that can be remotely controlled, timed and supplemented with a compatible local remote control via the eWeLink app.

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Supported protocols:
Wi-Fi, eWeLink-Remote (hub)
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The Sonoff M5-1C-86 is part of the dim grey Sonoff M5 family of physical push-button smart switches. It is a smart light switch supporting Wi-Fi and eWeLink-Remote Hub (Bluetooth). Like other Sonoff products, it connects to the eWeLink smart home system and can be controlled from the eWeLink smartphone app. The smart light switch is paired to the local Wi-Fi router and can be controlled, timed and set remotely from a mobile phone via the internet. In the smart fittings range, this product family is for those who do not want to use wall-mounted touch fittings for switching, but are looking for smart fittings with a clean design.

The M5 range has fittings with type 80 and 86 designations. This fitting is a circuit version of the Type 80, which means that it can be used to connect a separate light source or electrical consumer, and the smart fitting is 80mm wide, making it compatible with the classic 72mm series fitting boxes. So you can easily mount the fittings side by side with the usual 72mm line spacing, unlike the 86mm designs. An additional advantage of this type is that it is compatible with the Sonoff additional fitting frame, which can be purchased separately in 2-3-4 fitting positions.

The status of each circuit (off or on) is also indicated by the LED light on the LED strip used for the mood light, the colour and brightness of which can be adjusted separately for both off and on. As with other Sonoff smart light switches, the built-in WiFi chip allows you to remotely control the on/off switching of the light switch, view the current on/off status and set a timed on/off thanks to the eWeLink app running on an internet-connected iOS (Apple) or Android mobile phone. With the physical wall push button, you can also switch the lamp on the wall naturally, just as you would with a traditional switch. Remote access can also be shared with family members. The perfect solution for smart control of any lamp or lighting. Using it, you can conveniently turn on or off the lights you want remotely, even when you're not at home. Used as a burglary prevention solution, you can program it to turn on or off on a timer to make the outside world think you're at home.

As with other new Sonoff products, it is equipped with a Bluetooth receiver and Bleutooth gateway function, so it can be remotely controlled from Sonoff Bluetooth wireless devices (e.g. Sonoff S-MATE 2 module, Sonoff R5 switches).

The Sonoff M5 switches can also be set for pulse switching, so that the device switches itself off after a pre-set time after switching on, i.e. it is also suitable for "staircase timed switching". The Sonoff M5 switches also have a Wi-Fi status LED that can be switched off, so it can be used in the bedroom (no light when switched off) and its brightness can be adjusted in this range.

Product features:

  • Suitable for one circuit control
  • 80x86mm front panel, making it compatible with 72mm fitting spacing and 26mm overall depth, i.e. it can be installed in standard depth wall sockets
  • Equipped with eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) receiver and gateway - Can be remotely controlled with Sonoff eWeLink-Remote Hub compatible modules and wireless switches (S-MATE2,R5)
  • Mobile App - Free iOS and Android mobile App: eWeLink, also in English
  • Status check - On the mobile App shows the current status of the switch (on or off)
  • Remote ON/OFF switching - Wherever you are, you can now remotely turn the switch on or off from the mobile phone app via the internet
  • Timing - A number of timing functions are available: setting a specific time, setting recurring times, countdown timer / timer, cycle control.
  • Timed off - you can also set the switch to automatically switch off after a certain time after each switch-on
  • Pulse switching: you can set the switch to pulse switch, i.e. to switch off for a short period of time (e.g. a specified time). typically 0.5 or 1 second)
  • Interlock / latching / toggle mode - the two and three-button versions of the damper switch can be set in the app to a mode where one circuit is switched when the other circuits are switched off, so that the switch can be used safely for e.g. shutter control or to control other motors.
  • Sharing with others - You can give access to remote control to e.g. family members or others
  • Groups, rooms - You can organize your Sonoff and SmartWise smart devices into groups and rooms in the eWeLink app
  • Smart control (Scene) - You can also use the Smart control / Scene eWeLink app feature to create conditional controls between different Sonoff / SmartWise devices. For example, you can automatically turn on a Sonoff S26 or SmartWise S1W smart connector when you turn on the lights, so you can turn on local lights as well.
  • Compatibility - Can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google Nest for voice control
  • Sonoff and its sister brand SmartWise devices are compatible with each other, both using the eWeLink factory app.

Important: for the WiFi light switch to work, not only a phase wire but also a neutral wire is required in the switch socket!

The switch can be screwed into the fitting socket on four sides.
Tip: if the socket does not have a screw hole, the Sonoff M5 light switch can be fixed to the fitting socket with Legrand rapido claws.

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