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AQARA M2 hub (EU), with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Zigbee, IR support

The Aqara Hub M2 is a state-of-the-art smart home hub with advanced features and broad compatibility. It supports not only W-Fi, but also RJ-45 (Ethenet), and supports up to Zigbee child 128 devices. It also features infrared controller, so it can be used to control traditional air conditioners. It is Matter standard compatible.  

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Supported protocols:
Ethernet / LAN, IR (infrared), Wi-Fi, Zigbee
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The Aqara Hub M2 is a state-of-the-art smart home hub designed to enhance your home automation setup with its advanced features and broad compatibility. 

Zigbee 3.0 Support

Supporting up to 128 devices, the M2 leverages Zigbee 3.0 technology for fast, stable, and energy-efficient connections. This makes it perfect for managing an extensive smart home network.

360° Infrared Control

The built-in 360° infrared transmitter allows you to control existing IR devices from anywhere in the room, offering seamless integration with your current home appliances.

Ethernet RJ-45 Port

For extra stability and lower response times, the M2 includes an Ethernet RJ-45 port, ensuring reliable wired connectivity.

Built-in Speaker

The 2-watt speaker can function as an alarm or doorbell, providing versatile audio alerts for various automation setups.

USB Power

With Micro-USB 5V 1A power support, the M2 offers flexible installation options and can be powered by standard USB chargers or power banks for battery backup.

Enhanced Connectivity

The dual 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna ensures robust wireless connections, supporting dozens of sensors and controllers efficiently.

Comprehensive Compatibility

The Aqara Hub M2 is compatible with a wide range of smart home platforms and apps:

  • Apple HomeKit: Control your Aqara devices via the Apple Home app and Siri, ensuring a secure and private smart home experience.
  • Google Assistant: Use voice commands to manage your Aqara devices through Google Home and compatible smart speakers.
  • Amazon Alexa: Integrate with Alexa for hands-free control of your smart home.
  • IFTTT: Create custom automations and link Aqara devices with other smart home products and services using IFTTT.
  • Mi Home: Seamlessly integrate Aqara devices into the Xiaomi ecosystem via the Mi Home app.

Matter Compatibility

The Aqara Hub M2 is compatible with the Matter standard, which is a new, open-source, and secure connectivity standard for IoT devices. Matter support is provided through an over-the-air (OTA) update. This update allows the M2 to integrate seamlessly with other Matter-compatible devices, enhancing interoperability across different brands and systems​.

Multi-Protocol Gateway

The Hub M2 supports Zigbee 3.0, IR, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi, ensuring maximum compatibility and future-proofing for a wide range of devices.

Security and Automation

The M2 supports all HomeKit alarm modes and offers robust security features. Local automations ensure continuous operation even if the internet connection is lost.

Ideal for a Smart and Secure Home

With its extensive compatibility, advanced features, and focus on security, the Aqara Hub M2 is an excellent choice for enhancing your smart home environment.

Device power supply:
5V DC (1A) power adapter (sold separately)
yes, BLE 5.0
Controllable from internet:
Cloud mode:
yes, connects to Aqara cloud
210 g/pcs
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AQARA M2 hub (EU), with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Zigbee, IR support
AQARA M2 hub (EU), with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Zigbee, IR support