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SONOFF Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor (SNZB-02P)

The Sonoff Zigbee thermometer and humidity sensor is a battery-powered wireless tiny sensor using the Zigbee smart home protocol. It features a redesigned round design and magnetic or double-sided adhesive mounting. The device uses the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, making it compatible with most Zigbee gateways. It can also be integrated into an eWeLink system via Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro or SmartWise Bridge Pro.

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The SNZB-02P is Sonoff's Zigbee thermometer and humidity sensor, a 2023 product from the smart home device maker, a tiny wireless smart home sensor in a revamped guise using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol. The product includes a metal base that can be attached with a screw to which you can attach the device with a clamp inside the sensor, but it also comes with double-sided adhesive. The sensor measures the room temperature and humidity level and transmits the data via Zigbee gateway to control other devices.
For example, it communicates via a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro or SmartWise Zigbee Bridge Pro to the eWeLink cloud and can control other Sonoff or SmartWise WiFi and eWeLink devices based on the measured data.

Improve the comfort level of your home: Wish your home always keeps a favourable temperature and humidity? Enable the smart scene to make the fan automatically turn on when the room temperature reaches 28ºC and the humidifier automatically turns on when the room humidity is below 45%RH.

Install in no time: Adopts 3M adhesives on the bottom of the sensor for flexible and fast installation on any surface of your home.

Low-battery notification: You will get a notification of low-battery level when the battery life gets 10% remaining.

Simply share the sensor to your family and they can directly check this temperature and humidity on their mobile phones without pairing it.

Product features:

  • Remotely control ZigBee 3.0 devices and also Wi-Fi devices on eWeLink APP via Sonoff Zigbee Bridge.
  • Works with other smart devices certified by ZigBee Alliance.
  • Little size: 4,3 x 4,3 cm x 1,4 cm only
  • Operates with 1 pcs. of CR2477 (3V) battery, not provided with the product.
  • Monitor indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Sync the real-time temperature and humidity reading to APP.
  • Can trigger Wi-Fi devices in smart scene.
  • Add a camera to ensure you know any emergency in your home.
  • Low-battery notification.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Product type:
Zigbee thermometer and humidity sensor
Device power supply:
CR2477 battery (3V)
Operating temperature range:
-10℃ – 40℃
RF transmitter / receiver:
Controllable from internet:
yes, connects to the internet through Zigbee Bridge
Manufacturer smartphone app:
eWeLink app (in case of Sonoff Zigbee Bridge), SmartThings app (in case of SmartThing hub)
Web admin interface:
Cloud mode:
depends on the Zigbee Bridge
LAN mode:
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Notification functions:
no, temperature and humidity history not available
47 g/pcs
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SONOFF Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor (SNZB-02P)
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