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Netatmo wall mount kit

The Netatmo Mounting Kit is designed for securely attaching Netatmo Weather outdoor devices. It is compatible with the Smart Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge. Made from weather-resistant materials, this black mounting kit ensures that your sensors are firmly fixed and operational under various weather conditions.

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The Mounting Bracket is designed for the easy attachment of Netatmo Weather outdoor devices such as the Wind Gauge and Rain Gauge. This bracket allows the sensors to be easily mounted on walls, roofs, poles, or railings. Thanks to the metal sleeves, the sensors can be securely fastened to any pipe or rod, and wall mounting is possible with the provided anchors and screws. The head can be rotated 90°, ensuring that your meteorological equipment remains firmly in place.

Package Contents

  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Pole Mount Bracket
  • 2 Metal Clamps
  • Additional Mounting Hardware

With this versatile mounting bracket, you can ensure that your Netatmo Weather devices are securely and accurately positioned for optimal performance.

207 g/pcs
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