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The Aqara Hub M1S is a cutting-edge smart home Zigbee gateway and hub for up to 128 Zigbee child devices. As all other Aqara Zigbee hubs, it is Apple HomeKit compatible. It plugs directly into a power socket, so it requires no power adapter and offers easy Plug&Play installation.

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Supported protocols:
Wi-Fi, Zigbee
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The Aqara Hub M1S is a cutting-edge smart home Zigbee gateway and hub for up to 128 Zigbee child devices (Zigbee repeater devices such as an Aqara Smart Plug or Aqara Smart Wall Switch (with Neutral) are required).

Zigbee 3.0 Support

The M1S utilizes the latest Zigbee 3.0 technology, allowing it to support up to 128 devices. This makes it one of the most robust and scalable hubs on the market, perfect for expanding your smart home network with new and existing Aqara devices.

Built-in Speaker

The 2-watt speaker can function as an alarm or doorbell, providing clear, audible alerts for various automation setups. The speaker is powerful enough to act as a siren, enhancing your home security system.

RGB Light and Illumination Sensor

Equipped with 18 powerful LEDs and a diffuser, the RGB light on the M1S can serve as a customizable night light. The built-in illumination sensor allows the light to adjust automatically based on ambient lighting conditions, providing both functionality and ambiance.

Enhanced Wi-Fi Connectivity

With a 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna, the Aqara Hub M1S ensures a strong and reliable connection. This enhanced connectivity supports a smoother and more stable operation of your smart home devices, ensuring they remain responsive and reliable.

Comprehensive Compatibility

The M1S is compatible with major smart home ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. This wide compatibility allows for seamless integration and control via your preferred voice assistant and smart home platform.

Focus on Security

The Aqara Hub M1S supports all HomeKit alarm modes, ensuring that your home is secure. Local automation features mean that even if the internet connection is lost, your home automation routines will continue to function.

Integration Possibilities

The Aqara Hub M1S stands out for its extensive integration capabilities with various smart home platforms and applications. This makes it an incredibly versatile hub for creating a unified smart home experience.

  • Apple HomeKit: As a certified Apple HomeKit accessory, the M1S allows you to control your Aqara devices through the Apple Home app and Siri. This integration offers a high level of security and privacy, with data encryption ensuring that your information remains protected.

  • Google Assistant: Integrating with Google Assistant enables voice control of your Aqara devices, allowing you to automate tasks and manage your smart home through Google Home and compatible smart speakers.

  • Amazon Alexa: With Amazon Alexa compatibility, the M1S can be controlled via voice commands using Amazon Echo devices. This makes it easy to incorporate Aqara devices into your existing Alexa routines and automation setups.

  • IFTTT: The Aqara Hub M1S supports IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing for even more customizable automations. You can create triggers and actions that link Aqara devices with a wide range of other smart home products and services.

  • Mi Home: For users of Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem, the M1S integrates smoothly with the Mi Home app, enabling control of both Aqara and Xiaomi devices from a single interface.

Additional Features

  • High-Quality Design: The M1S features a perforated base that ensures constant airflow, enhancing reliability and longevity.
  • Automation Capabilities: Through the Aqara Home app, users can create detailed automation routines, integrating various sensors and devices to respond to specific triggers.
  • Local and Remote Control: The hub allows for both local control and remote management via a smartphone app, ensuring you have full control over your smart home environment from anywhere.

Ideal for a Secure and Connected Home

The Aqara Hub M1S not only serves as a central control unit for your smart home but also enhances security through its robust alarm and automation features. It's an excellent choice for those looking to expand their smart home setup with a reliable and versatile hub.

Device power supply:
AC power socket
Controllable from internet:
Cloud mode:
yes, connects to Aqara cloud
190 g/pcs
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