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Smart Controls Features

Smart Controls Features

The smart home technology revolution is making everyday life easier and increasing home comfort. Below, we present the features of the smart controllers we offer, which can be easily implemented with WiFi, RF, and Zigbee devices.

Smart Control Features

Based on the capabilities of the brands we distribute, here are some examples of smart control possibilities that can be easily implemented with WiFi, RF, and Zigbee smart devices.

Viewing the current status: The current on or off status can be viewed in the app or browser.

Remote control: Devices can be turned on and off remotely.

Scheduling: Switching relays and switches on and off can be scheduled in various ways:

  • At a one-time specific point.
  • At recurring times (e.g., on specific days of the week).
  • At sunrise or sunset.
  • Before/after sunrise or sunset by a specified amount of time.


Automatic shutoff: Devices can automatically turn off after a certain time period has elapsed following activation.

Automatic activation: Devices can automatically turn on after a certain time period has elapsed following deactivation.

Pulse mode: A mode for brief activation.

Multi-circuit devices: Interlock mode, which allows only one circuit to be on at a time.

Control based on another device: The control of other devices based on the switching of one smart device.

Sensor-based control: Devices can be switched on or off based on sensor data (e.g., detected motion, measured temperature, door opening, etc.).

Complex control conditions: Devices can be controlled based on simpler or more complex conditions.

App notifications: Sending notifications in the app for specified events (e.g., temperature changes, motion detection, device switching).

Email notifications: Sending emails for specified events in the app.