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SmartWise 4-button RF 433Mhz remote controller with programmable buttons

It's a special version of the 4-button RF 433MHz remote controllers: the buttons of this type have NO factory programmed ID, but they can be programmed by cloning or copying the signal of another fix code RF remote controller.

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Supported protocols:
RF transmitter (433 MHz)
in stock (30+ pcs)

This SmartWise RF 4-Button Remote is a special, programmable remote controller. It's a useful addition to Sonoff's similar-looking (but non-programmable) 4-button RF remote control.

Before its first use, it must be programmed by copying the signal from a compatible RF remote control, for example, a 4-button Sonoff remote controller or a Sonoff 8-button RM433 remote controller or any SmartWise wall-mounted RF switch. (Only suitable for remote control of Sonoff / SmartWise / other RF receiver devices with eWeLink app after copying the signal of another RF remote control.)

Because you will program it by cloning the RF signal of other RF remote controllers, its coding will be identical with the original remote controllers, so you may use it immediately (without prior pairing) to remotely control your Sonoff or SmartWise / other eWeLink smart devices with RF receiver as a second remote controller.

This feature is specially useful in case of such smart devices, like Sonoff 4CH Pro R2, which can only remember 1 remote controller.


  • A removable plastic cover above the buttons protects the buttons from being accidentally turned on.
  • The remote control is delivered without batteries. A 27A battery is required for its operation.
  • Note: It is not suitable for copying the signal of jump code remote controllers.

Product type:
programmable RF remote controller
Device power supply:
27A battery
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes (RF transmitter)
30 g/pcs
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