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Gledopto GL-DR-001P, Pro Zigbee 3.0 relay module (12A), DIN-rail compatible (GL-DR-001P)

Gledopto Zigbee Pro 12A relay module is a Glodopto Pro series product, with Zigbee + RF remote controller support. It is compatible with all major Zigbee gateways, including Sonoff Zigbee Bridge, Tuya Zigbee Bridge, Philips Hue Bridge, SmartThings / Aeotec gateway, homee, ConBee II,  Hubitat Elevation, Amazon Zigbee gateways, Terncy (Apple Home compatible) gateway.

This product version is DIN-rail compatible.

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Supported protocols:
RF receiver (2.4 GHz), Zigbee

Gledepto's Zigbee Pro series has innovative, high quality products, supporting smart app control through Zigbee connection, local remote control with 2.4GHz RF remote controllers, and voice control by Alexa and Google Home (depending on the gateway)

They are compatible with all major Zigbee gateways and platforms: compatible with Sonoff ZBBridge and other eWeLink Zigbee gateways, work with Tuya/SmartLife Zigbee gateways, also compatible with SmartThings gateway, homee, ConBee IIHubitat Elevation, Philips Hue gateway, Amazon Alexa devices with built-in Zigbee gateway, and also work with the Terncy (Apple Home compatible) gateway.

Also, the Pro products can be controlled with Gledopto's 2,4GHz remote controllers and wireless wall panels, so local remote control is also supported.


Gledopto Zigbee Pro 12A relay module (with Zigbee + RF) (GL-DR-001P) is an ON / OFF smart relay with a 12A / 110V-240V AC max output support. It can be installed into electric cabinets and boxes with DIN rail.

The controller is compatible with most ZigBee ZLL and ZigBee 3.0 gateways. It was tested with Philips Hue®, Osram Lighify®, Amazon Echo Plus, Sonoff eWeLink Zigbee gateways and Tuya Zigbee gateways.

Features (depending on the operation mode and the controlled LEDs):

  • DIN-rail compatible
  • Smart phone app control - depending on your Zigbee gateway
  • Voice control - via Google Assistant or Alexa - depending on your Zigbee gateway
  • 2.4GHz RF remote controller or RF wall panel compatible (sold separately), no Zigbee Hub needed for RF remote control
  • Total max. output: 12A / 110V / 230V AC
  • Easy integration with Zigbee wireless communications protocol
  • Compatible with high number of gateways: Sonoff / eWeLink Zigbee gateways, Tuya/SmartLife Zigbee gateways, Philips Hue bridge, SmartThings / Aeotec gateway, homee, ConBee II, Hubitat Elevation, Amazon Zigbee gateways, Terncy (Apple Home compatible) gateway.
  • Zigbee mesh support: yes

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