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Shelly PRO Dimmer 1PM WiFi + Ethernet 1-gang smart relay switch with DIN-rail support

The Shelly PRO Dimmer 1PM is a 1-circuit member of the PRO generation of DIN-rail mountable dimmers for electrical cabinets, which is also WiFi + Bluetooth + Ethernet capable. It has a dimming output for controlling 230V AC light sources. 

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Supported protocols:
Bluetooth, Ethernet / LAN, Wi-Fi
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1-circuit DIN-rail mounted smart dimmer with Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connectivity

Shelly's professional 1-circuit dimmer with Wi-Fi, wired network (LAN), and Bluetooth connectivity is a professional automation solution for both home automation in apartments and for larger public buildings (stores, condominiums, shops, etc.). The PRO product line is intended by Shelly primarily for the automation of newly constructed buildings, where building automation can be easily and professionally achieved with Shelly Pro devices by means of smart devices placed in the electrical cabinet next to the circuit breakers, without the need for extra wiring.

Product features:

LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support
LAN and Wi-Fi supported simultaneously
Easy pairing with the Shelly Cloud app via Bluetooth
Includes two switch inputs
1 output with max. 200W power (COSφ=1).
230V AC adjustable to control light sources or transformers
DIN rail compatible

The product is part of the Shelly PRO range,
which are fitted:

an internal thermometer which switches the device off in case of overheating,
Overvoltage protection, which switches off the controlled circuit in case of overvoltage detection to protect the electrical consumers,
maximum power protection, which shuts down the controlled circuit in the event of excessive power being detected,
and all made of fire and heat resistant materials (V-O).

All PRO products:

Support HTTP/HTTPS webhooks, so enhanced Shelly Pro products can easily connect, notify or control compatible products or other automation systems
Support sunrise/sunset timed on/off,
can handle up to 50 timers (stored on the device, which can operate offline),
fully supports mjS scripts, allowing customers to create their own functions and features! The Shelly Pro line devices allow multiple scripts to be executed simultaneously, depending on different triggers such as input/output status, sensor data or WLAN requests

Product features:

LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: it can connect to Wi-Fi and LAN at the same time, and pairing with the phone is easier than ever before using Bluetooth connection
Ideal for cost-effective automation of new build residential and commercial properties with point-to-point wiring
1 output: with 1 controlled output, it can control up to 200 watts of power.

Can be operated from 110-240 V AC
Wire cross-sections: switched circuit ("I" and "O"): 2.5mm2, other inputs (operational power supply, switching inputs): 1.5mm2
Super fast ESP32 processor: fast operation, fast notifications and 8MB memory.
Application area: lighting control.
Enhanced safety: made of fire resistant (V-0) material and the device is equipped with overheat protection.
Enhanced IT security: supports MQTT and WSS, TLS and custom certificates.
No hub/central unit required: directly connected to the WiFi router, it accesses the internet and the factory cloud for the easiest possible control from the Shelly Cloud App.
Integrates with almost everything: not only can it be controlled by cloud voice assistants (Alexa, Google Home), but it can also be connected to a wide range of commercial and open source home automation systems.

Product type:
smart WiFi relay, even for dry contact
Device power supply:
110V-240V AC
230V AC (live and neutral)
DIN rail compatible:
Max. power consumption:
max. 3W
Embedded relay:
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Number of gangs / circuits:
Rated voltage (output):
110V-240V AC
Rated power (output):
max. 200W
Physical on/off button on device:
External switch supported:
2-way or 3-way switching:
Momentary switching (inching):
yes, auto on and auto off settings available
Surge protection:
Overheat protection:
Ethernet (RJ-45):
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Bluetooth pairing with phone, also Bluetooth remote controllers can be paired with it to remote control it, also Bluetooth hub features makes it possible to control other non-Bluetooth Shelly devices
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app (Shelly Cloud) (iOS, Android)
Web admin interface:
yes, almost the same functionality as the app
Voice control:
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
Cloud mode:
yes, Shelly devices may connect to factory cloud (optional setting)
LAN mode:
yes, works just in the local area network mode, with full functionality (adjustable)
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, ioBroker, Hubitat, Hoobs, Symcan, Domoticz, nymea, SmartThings (beta), REST API
Schedulers, timers:
yes, (after synchronizing clock on the internet) limited number of timings operate in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode
Notification functions:
send email, Shelly app notification
yes: on/off history in the app (the last 50 event for every Shelly account)
88 g/pcs
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Shelly PRO Dimmer 1PM WiFi + Ethernet 1-gang smart relay switch with DIN-rail support
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