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SONOFF R5 SwithMan Bluetooth (eWeLink-Remote) wireless switch, scene controller switch white

SONOFF R5 switch is the latest generation of battery-operated wireless switches from the smart home manufacturer, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology called eWeLink-Remote, not RF 433MHz. It can be paired with eWeLink devices equipped with an eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) receiver, such as Sonoff MINI R3, or the new generation BL bulbs. Its 6 button can be paired with 6 different Sonoff Mini R3 relays or other Sonoff products with eWeLink-Remote hub feature. But you may also use it to control other eWeLink devices or smart controls (scenes) via the WiFi connection of the hub.

This is the white front panel version.

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Supported protocols:
eWeLink-Remote (hub)
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Sonoff R5 is a wireless switch, operated by CR2032 batteries. It has 6 physical switch buttons, can be installed on the wall but can also be removed from the wall holder.  Unlike other Sonoff wireless switches, it does NOT use 433MHz RF technology but a new Bluetooth Low Energy based remote control method, called eWeLink-Remote.

This is the white front panel version.

It can be paired with devices equipped with eWeLink-Remote (BT) receiver and hub feature, such as Sonoff Mini R3 relay, Sonoff M5 switch or new Sonoff WiFi+Bluetooth smart bulbs. According to factory specification, it has a much longer remote distance than RF technology, it can remotely switch receivers up to 90 meters distance.

Please note that it is not compatible with 433 MHz RF devices, such as Sonoff RF relay, Sonoff TX T1, T2, T3 wall switches or SmartWise T4 switches! 

You may pair its 6 switch buttons to 6 different relays or switches (with eWeLink-Remote receiver), so you may use it to remotely control 6 different smart devices in a room. But you may also control any other eWeLink (Sonoff, SmartWise, other branded) devices with it via the eWeLink Cloud. All you need to do is to set up a Scene for each button, and instead of switching a paired device, you may switch other WiFi devices via the eWeLink cloud.

So when you have too many smart devices, and they are distributed in different rooms but don't want to control them through your phone, you just need an R5 scene remote controller. R5 switch can be added to the eWeLink-Remote gateway (built-in into Sonoff Mini R3, M5, etc.) to control all devices in the eWeLink APP using three trigger ways in the scene. SONOFF R5 is the module that can transmit the “eWeLink-Remote” signal, we also named it “eWeLink-Remote sub-devices”. R5 scene remote controller can be added to the smart devices featuring the "eWeLink-Remote" gateway, like M5 smart wall switch, MNINI R3 smart switch and B05-BL smart LED bulb , can not only control all products with eWeLink-Remote gateway when there is no network connection locally but also controls any other SONOFF smart device in the smart scene when there is a network connection. It is "eWeLink-Remote" Control, click to learn more.

Use R5 with SONOFF M5 Switchman Smart Wall Switch, the same light can be controlled on both sides of the room even when M5 is offline. Never worry and spend time on two-way or multi-way control wiring. You can stick R5 on the wall as a switch, or take it off as a remote controller. One eWeLink-Remote gateway can add up to 8 R5 scene remote controllers!

All 6 buttons support three type of switching methods: click, long click and double click, you may configure different scenes to each button push. The product also includes stickers which you can attach to the buttons to help you remember their configured feature.

The switch typically comes without battery. According to factory specification, you can expect a 2 years battery life (in case of 10 switches per day).

You can mount the switch base to the wall (or furniture) by a sticker or screws. The switch itself can be easily removed from the base and can be used as a remote controller. 

No wiring needed, it's a wireless device. You may install it to any place you like. 


Product features:

  • Wireless wall switch with 6 physical buttons 
  • All 6 buttons support three type of switching methods: click, long click and double click, you may configure different scenes to each button push
  • Works with battery. 2 years expected battery lifetime.
  • You may pair each button with different smart devices with eWeLink-Remote gateway feature.
  • EU standard size: 86x86mm 
  • Can be mounted with 2-size adhesive or screw at any place, no wall box needed.
  • It switches other devices equipped with eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth Low Energy) gateway receiver, or any other eWeLink compatible devices via cloud Scenes.

Plug&Play installation:
Device power supply:
2 pcs CR2032 battery
can be mounted with a 2-side adhesive or screws
Physical on/off button on device:
6 physical buttons
2-way or 3-way switching:
it can be used to wirelessly switch compatible smart switches or relays
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes, it's a wireless eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) switch
111 g/pcs
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SONOFF R5 SwithMan Bluetooth (eWeLink-Remote) wireless switch, scene controller switch white
SONOFF R5 SwithMan Bluetooth (eWeLink-Remote) wireless switch, scene controller switch white