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WDYK MCB 10A 4P Wi-Fi Smart Mini Circuit Breaker (10A, 3P+1N)

This WDYK smart MCB (mini circuit breaker), equipped with Wi-Fi chip, is a Sonoff / eWeLink app compatible smart device, which can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone via the internet, supports scheduled on/off, can send app push notifications when turns OFF or ON, and has 10A max capacity. It connects directly to a Wi-Fi router, no local central unit or hub is required.

This is the 4P product version (3P+1N), without power metering function.

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Supported protocols:
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WDYK MCB 10A 4P is a 4-pole (3P + 1N) smart MCB (smart mini circuit breaker), equipped with Wi-Fi and support for eWeLink cloud and eWeLink app. It supports max. 3 x 10A (on all 3 phases).  

This type has NO built-in power meter, only MCB POW and RCBO POW types are capable of measuring power consumption and provide overload protection, this type does not support these features. 

This device has 3 Phase + Neutral both on the input and output side and cuts both all 3 phases and neutral when it is turned off. Using the eWeLink app, one may turn ON / OFF the breaker via Internet and iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone App, and also one can set scheduled turning ON / OFFs.

Using eWeLink app's push notification feature, you may also set a smart phone push notification to get immediately notified when the MCB turns off. 

The device has a physical button too, similarly to traditional breakers. Its ON/OFF button has a motor inside, so you can remotely turn it on of off. Share remote control in the App with others is also supported. 

This smart MCB provided a convenient way of remote management of your three phase MCBs, wherever you are, you can check MBC ON/OFF status and remotely manage the device.

Product features:

  • a smart 3-phase MCB (Mini Circuit Breaker)
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, connects to eWeLink cloud via Wi-Fi router, controllable with eWeLink app, no need for a local hub
  • 4-pole breaker for 3x Live + Neutral wire
  • Remote ON / OFF – Anytime, anywhere, from now on you can turn all your appliances on and off remotely.
  • Mobile App – free iOS and Android mobile App: eWeLink
  • Sync status – Check actual relay status (turned ON or OFF) with the mobile App
  • Timer – Various timer functions: single time, scheduled turn on/off, countdown/timer, loop.
  • Share control – Control the device together with your family
  • Group control – Group silimar devices and turn them all ON / OFF at once
  • Smart scene – Triggered ON/OFF by temp, hum or other environmental sensors
  • Compatibility – Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Google Nest
  • eWeLink-compatible - uses eWeLink cloud and eWeLink app, compatible with Sonoff and SmartWise products

Product type:
smart, Wi-Fi, eWeLink app compatible MCB (mini circuit breaker), 4P, 10A
Device power supply:
220-240V AC
230V AC (3-phase live + neutral)
220V-240V AC wiring, installaton on a DIN-rail of an electric cabinet
DIN rail compatible:
Operating temperature range:
-25℃ – 65℃
IP rating:
Embedded relay:
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Number of gangs / circuits:
Rated voltage (output):
220-240V AC
Rated current (output):
Physical on/off button on device:
yes (and on/off button has a motor, so both ON / OFF can be remotely controlled)
External switch supported:
Momentary switching (inching):
Surge protection:
Overload protection:
Ethernet (RJ-45):
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Direct local remote control:
no, only though an RF Bridge or eWeLink-Remote hub
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app: eWeLink (Android, iOS)
Web admin interface:
on/off mode (only with subscription, Premium feature)
Voice control:
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
Cloud mode:
default mode is connecting to the eWeLink cloud
LAN mode:
yes, if the connection with the eWeLink cloud is disconnected, limited features
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Google Home, Google Nest, IFTTT (IFTTT integration with subscription, Premium feature)
Schedulers, timers:
yes, 8 timings on the device in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode
Notification functions:
eWeLink app notification on smartphone can be set for ON and OFF
yes:on/off history in the app
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