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Sonoff WTS01 waterproof temperature sensor (with RJ9 4P4C connector)

Outdoor-indoor waterproof temperature sensor compatible with TH16 Origin, TH16 Elite, TH20 Origin, TH220 Elite. Sonoff WTS01 is the new version of DS18B20 sensor.

It comes with an extended cable length (150cm) and RJ9 4P4C connector, and is compatible with the RL560 5 meters long extension cable.

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WTS01 (RJ9 4P4C connector)
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Sonoff WTS01 is a waterproof temperature sensor, compatible with Sonoff TH16R3 and TH20R3 smart relay switches. Due to its waterproof design it reliably operates in wet conditions, e.g. in water tanks, aquariums, cooling-rooms, pools etc. Sensor made of stainless steel, long-term durability, extra sensitivity to all temp-changes.

This is the new, improved version of Sonoff DS18B20 sensor, which has been made compatible with RL560 5 meter extension cable.

Temperature range from -55℃ to 125℃, remains reliable in extreme high and low temp conditions.

Cost efficient solution to integrate with Sonoff smart relays, and trigger temperature based automated turn ON / OFF. The sensor has an RJ9 connector, fits to Sonoff TH16 R3 / TH20 R3 relays' sockets.


<>With the help of eWeLink app you can create any temp-based settings that trigger automated turn ON / OFF of TH16 and TH20 relays, or other connected relays like a S26 smart socket. A perfect choice to control ventillators, electric heaters, radiators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, sprinklers, aquariums.

Total length of Sonoff WTS01 temperature sensor (from the connector to the sensor's edge): approx. 150 cm.

This new type is compatible with Sonoff RL560 cable extension.

Sonoff WTS01 waterproof temperature sensor is recommended to the following products: TH16 Origin, TH16 Elite, TH20 Origin, TH220 Elite.

Product type:
waterproof temperature sensor
Device power supply:
powered by the wired relay
connected with wires to the relay
Operating temperature range:
-40℃ - 115℃
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app: eWeLink (Android, iOS)
Notification functions:
no, eWeLink app notification on smartphone only about the relays' switching (for example: reaching the temperature limit)
Sonoff TH16R3 / TH20R3 relays show sensor history chart.
36 g/pcs
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Sonoff WTS01 waterproof temperature sensor (with RJ9 4P4C connector)
Sonoff WTS01 waterproof temperature sensor (with RJ9 4P4C connector)