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Sonoff S-MATE Extreme (S-MATE2) - eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) compatible wireless switch module

Connect up to 3 traditional switches to a Sonoff S-MATE Extreme wireless switch module to remotely control up to 3 smart devices via eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) protocol, such devices are Sonoff Mini R4, Sonoff Basic R4 smart relay or Sonoff TX T5 Extreme smart wall switch.


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Supported protocols:
eWeLink-Remote (hub)
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S-MATE Extreme, also called as S-MATE2, new version of Sonoff S-MATE Bluetooth module, is the tiny small module supporting Sonoff's Bluetooth-based eWeLink-Remote wireless technology .

What is eWeLink-Remote technology?


To complement WiFi or Zigbee-based smart control, Sonoff and other eWeLink devices typically used 433MHz RF remote control for wireless local remote control in the past.

eWeLink-Remote is an RF-like technology for local remote control that Sonoff uses in new generation Wi-Fi + Bluetooth devices (like Mini R3, Mini R4, Basic R4, T5 Extreme).


eWeLink-Remote is a special Bluetooth-based data transmission for smart home devices that offers several advantages over RF:

  • wireless remote control of the eWeLink-remote is capable of a much longer range than RF, up to 100 meters in open-air, which can be up to 3-5 times the RF range;
  • for eWeLink-Remote pairing, you do not need to physically access to the products that store the pairing, as there is no need to press a button on it, the pairing is started in the app;
  • the pairing can also be easily deleted in the app;
  • no separate gateway is required to remotely control additional WiFi or Zigbee products without eWeLink-Remote technology (contrary to RF which requires an RF gateway), as products with an eWeLink-Remote receiver are also eWeLink-Remote gateways and can transmit the switching command to other devices via the eWeLink cloud according to the Scene settings;


So Sonoff S-MATE Extreme is an "eWeLink-Remote" remote control module that sends a switching signal to a smart device equipped eWeLink-Remote receiver, such as the Sonoff Mini R3, Mini R4 or Basic R4 relay, or TX T5 Extreme wall switch. The traditional switch connected to the three inputs of S-MATE2 can be paired with up to three different eWeLink-Remote receiver devices, i.e. up to three separate Sonoff Mini R4 or Basic R4  can be connected with a three-button (or three one-button, one two-button and one-button) switch connected to an S-MATE2 .

Sonoff S-MATE Extreme is also compatible with toggle and momentary switches, all you need to do is set a hidden switch on the side of the S-MATE module to match the type of switch.

However, the switches connected to the S-MATE inputs can be used not only to connect the relay, but also to control other Sonoff, SmartWise, etc. devices without the eWeLink-Remote function. You can create such smart scenes in eWeLink app to use S-MATE2 switches as triggers to switch an eWeLink device as action. Such Scene-base switching would need internet connection to work (just as any other scenes), but direct remote control works even when your WiFi network is down or offline.


So Sonoff Mini R4 and Basic R4 has an "eWeLink-Remote" receiver which doesn't use the 433MHz RF technology, but Sonoff-specific Bluetooth Low Energy technology for the wireless remote control. According to the manufacturer's description, the wireless remote control of the eWeLink-Remote is capable of a much longer range than RF, up to 100-150 meters in open field, which can be up to 3-5 times the RF range.


【Compact and Compatible】S-Mate2’s compact size fits in various mounting boxes, including the EU/86 type and 120 type mounting box and fits almost any switch type, like push switch, rocker switch, etc

【“eWeLink-Remote” Control】Use S-Mate2 with MINIR4 or other smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote”, it can achieve relaibale 50M “eWeLink-Remote” local control.

【Suitable for Multiple Scenarios】The combination of S-Mate2 and other devices with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote” can meet various home automation needs for your family, such as two way control, no neutral wire solution, etc, making your life more convenient.

【5 Years Battery Life】Powered by a CR2477 battery. The battery life data is obtained from SONOFF’s internal laboratory, please refer to the actual use

Product type:
wireless switch module
Device power supply:
CR2477 (3V) battery
DIN rail compatible:
Physical on/off button on device:
External switch supported:
yes, 3 swich inputs
2-way or 3-way switching:
it can be be used to wirelessly switch Sonoff devices with eWeLink-Remote feature
Momentary switching (inching):
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes, it's a wireless eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) module
Controllable from internet:
can be connected to an eWeLink-Remote hub
46 g/pcs
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