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Sonoff DW2 WIFI (wireless) door / window sensor

Sonoff DW2 WIFI is a new, WiFi version of Sonoff’s door/window sensor, fully compatible with Sonoff’s smarthome product line. It connects to the WiFi router directly, so no gateway is required. It can both detect and trigger open and close of the windows and doors and send different type of alerts to your phone or switch other eWeLink-compatible Sonoff and SmartWise devices.

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DW2 WiFi
Supported protocols:
in stock (50+ pcs)

Sonoff DW2 is new enhanced version of Sonoff's earlier DW1 door/window sensor, but it uses WiFi (and not RF) as connection method. The advantage of this product version is that it does not require a gateway (or a device with RF receiver) to connect to the cloud as it uses WiFi and it connects to WiFi router directly.

Product consist of two parts: one to be fixed on the door or window, the other part to be attached the door or window frame. When magnetic connection detects door or window opens, an alert-signal can be sent by the device to your phone or to other Sonoff and SmartWise devices via eWeLink cloud.

Unlike previous Sonoff DW1 RF, it can both detect and act as an action trigger in eWeLink for both opening and closing of the door or window. Opening and closing sends different signals, therefore two separate actions can be defined for opening and closing. (Such as: opening triggers light on, closing triggers light off.)

Connects to other Sonoff smart devices - e.g. lights, relay switches controlled by the sensor - via eWeLink smart home cloud wirelessly, there is no need for wiring. Power supply is provided by two pieces of AAA 3V battery, (not included with the product).

Via eWeLink app you can receive alert on any motion (opening, closing) to iOS/Android smartphone, easy to use as a simple alarm. When alert function is activated, alert is only sent to owner's eWeLink account, alert cannot be sent to shared accounts.

Features smart scene function, detected door/window open can trigger multiple eWeLink compatible Sonoff and SmartWise WiFi devices (smart switches, smart relay swithes and smart sockets) via eWeLink app

When used together with an eWeLink-compatible (Sonoff or SmartWise) camera, the camera's real-time image can be displayed on the sensor's open/close status screen, so open status can be immediately confirmed on a real-time video stream.


Product features:

  • Bluetooth pairing method used to pair with mobile phone eWeLink app
  • Ultra-low consumption microprocessor
  • Battery status is showing in app, also low battery warning can be set
  • Built-in WiFi antenna
  • Trigger on both opening and closing
  • Double sided adhesive to fixing included
  • Easy to install and set without wiring
  • Operation temperature: indoor
  • Sensor status data can be stored with others owning an eWeLink (free) account
  • Power supply: 2 pcs AAA battery (not included)
  • 3 month of open/close history stored in eWeLink cloud

Product type:
Wi-Fi (wireless) smart door/window opening sensor
Device power supply:
2 pcs AAA battery
Operating temperature range:
-10℃ – 40℃
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Bluetooth pairing with phone
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app: eWeLink (Android, iOS)
Web admin interface:
Cloud mode:
yes, default mode is to connect to the eWeLink cloud
LAN mode:
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Notification functions:
eWeLink app notification on smartphone
history of alarms available in the app
40 g/pcs
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