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Sonoff B02-BL-A60 WiFi+Bluetooth CW (color+warm/cold white) LED dimmer smart bulb (E27)

New Sonoff B02-BL-A60 is a smart CW (cold white / warm white) LED bulb with WiFi + Bluetooth capability. It offers remote control and scheduling from app, dimmer / brightness control and white light color temperature setting options. Compatible with eWeLink platform and eWeLink app.

Easy pairing via Bluetooth, remote control via the WiFi connection of the smart bulb.

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Factory SKU ID:
B02-BL-A60(E27, 220V)
Supported protocols:
in stock (30+ pcs)

Sonoff B02-BL-A60 WiFi LED smart bulb for E27 base can bring dimmable cold white / warm white light into your home. You may choose the cold or warm white light for different activities and mood. Bulb connects with its WiFi to eWeLink cloud via your home or office WiFi network directly and can be remotely turned on and off in eWeLink APP, available both for Android and iOS phones. Pairing is done in a few seconds via Bluetooth, much more easier than WiFi of the previous product version.

You can both adjust the color temperature for warm and cold light and change the brightness level for various occasions. The bulb has a unique smart LED technology to ensure it saves your electricity bills by 90%, compared to a traditional bulb.

Group control makes it easy to control the lighting of a whole area, and multiple lights can be controlled together in eWeLink app. The app also provides you scheduled ON/OFF features, and lights can be also controlled by creating smart home automations with eWeLink app's Smart Scene feature. For example, you may use a PIR motion sensor or a door/window open sensor to turn on the lights automatically.

As all other Sonoff products, it supports voice control to turn on/off, adjust the brightness and color temperature via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its universal E27 base fits for most standard light fittings.

With this smart bulb, you can do more than remotely turn on and off using your smartphone and via your voice (connect with Alexa or Google Home), a typical feature that the automated schedule can make the bulb automatically turn on and off which helps to save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. The bulb is dimmable and you can cool it down or warm it up to set the mood you want in the room. Group control is designed to help control the specific lighting of one or more areas, saving much time on running them respectively.


Product features:

  • Luminance / brightness level can be controlled for the white light (it's a dimmer bulb);
  • Supports warm and cold white light, supports color temperature setting between 2700K-6500K for white light;
  • Plug & Play, easy to install, pairing is done via Bluetooth, after pairing WiFi has to be connected; lights are controlled by WiFi from eWeLink app;
  • Remote ON / OFF – Anytime, anywhere, from now on you can turn the LED-strip on and off remotely
  • Mobile App support – Free iOS and Android mobil App: eWeLink
  • Sync status – Check actual status (turned ON or OFF) with the mobile App
  • Timer – Various timer functions: single time, scheduled turn on/off, countdown/timer, brightness level, white light warm/cold;
  • Share control – Control the device together with your family
  • Smart Scene – Turn ON / OFF the light, set color and wihite light brightness and warmness;
  • Compatibility – Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, IFTTT
  • Luminance: 806 lumen for white light
  • Power consumption: as low as max. 9W

Product type:
energy efficient WiFi operated LED smart bulb
white light with dimmable warmth and brightness
Plug&Play installation:
Device power supply:
Max. power consumption:
Energy efficiency class:
Dimmer feature:
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Bluetooth pairing with phone
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app: eWeLink (Android, iOS)
Web admin interface:
Voice control:
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
Cloud mode:
yes, default mode is to connect to the eWeLink cloud
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Google Home, Google Nest, IFTTT (IFTTT integration with subscription, Premium feature)
Brightness / luminous flux:
806 lumen
Colour temperature:
dimmable: 2700K-6500K
Schedulers, timers:
yes, 8 timings on the device in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode
Notification functions:
60 g/pcs
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Sonoff B02-BL-A60 WiFi+Bluetooth CW (color+warm/cold white) LED dimmer smart bulb (E27)
Sonoff B02-BL-A60 WiFi+Bluetooth CW (color+warm/cold white) LED dimmer smart bulb (E27)