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Sonoff 4 button RF remote controller

RF remote control, compatible with Sonoff T1 light switches, Sonoff Slampher smart bulb sockets, Sonoff RF and 4CH Pro smart switch relays, 4 separately configurable buttons.

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Factory SKU ID:
4 Key 433 Remote
Supported protocols:
RF transmitter (433 MHz)
in stock (30+ pcs)
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Sonoff's 4-button RF (radio frequency) remote controller features a massive case and a push cover, and can be used to control learning code types of wall switches, plugs or relay switches. You can set it to remote control 4 different (RF-compatible) Sonoff devices or 4 different gangs/channels of a multi-gang device. Can also be paired with RF gateways / bridges such as Sonoff RF Bridge.

Its push cover prevents the buttons from unwanted switch.

Compatible with following Sonoff devices: Sonoff RF, Sonoff Slampher, Sonoff 4CH Pro, Sonoff RF Bridge 433, Sonoff T1 EU 1C, Sonoff T1 EU 2C, Sonoff TX T1, TX T2, TX t3 versions, SmartWise 5V-32V RF relays, ect.

Battery is not included. (Works with one 12V 27A  battery)

Official transmission range is not published by the manufacturer, but tests indicate approx. 50-100 m distance (outside with no object interference).

Note: dynamic and rolling code devices are NOT compatible with this remote controller.


Product type:
433 Mhz RF (radio-frequency) remote control
Device power supply:
12V (27A type) battery
Physical on/off button on device:
4 buttons
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes (RF transmitter)
30 g/pcs
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