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SmartWise WiFi + eWeLink-Remote RGBW downlight, eWeLink app compatible

The SmartWise downlight is a smart light working from 230V AC power supply and has 5W output. It supports RGB colour and cool+warm white lights. It pairs directly with a Wi-Fi router with eWeLink app, does not need a local smart home hub. It also supports eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) local remotes. 

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Supported protocols:
eWeLink-Remote (direct), Wi-Fi
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The SmartWise Wi-Fi + eWeLink-Remote downlight can be placed in any 70mm - 80mm holes in the ceiling. The lamp can be connected to the mains using phase and neutral wires.

It supports both RGB colour, and warn / cold white light, with colour temperature and brightness settings. so you can at all times set the light to suit your mood.

You can adjust or even automate RGB + cool white + warm white lights.

The eWeLink app compatible smart downlight has embedded Wi-Fi chip and connects directly to a Wi-Fi router, no local hub is required.

You can also add a local eWeLInk-Remote (Bluetooth) protocol compatible SmartWise remote controller (wireless Bluetooth switches and/or Bluetooth remotes) in the app to control the light source.

Then, You can then both control your home's lights from your phone, from automations (eWeLink schedules or scenes) or locally with wireless switches at any time. 

Product features:

WiFi + eWeLink Remote compatibility
Mounts in 70mm - 80mm mart hole
Spot design 
Energy-saving, low-power LED technology: 5W circular light output
Power supply: 230V AC
White light colour temperature: 3000K-6000K (adjustable intensity)
RGB light (adjustable intensity)
eWeLink app compatible
Amazon Alexa, Google Home voice control compatible

Product type:
energy efficient WiFi operated RGBW (white+colour) spot light
RGBW light, white light with dimmable warmth and brightness
Plug&Play installation:
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Yes, used for pairing and eWeLink Remote switching
Direct local remote control:
yes, can be controlled from SmartWise wireless (eWeLink-Remote) wall switches and remote controllers
Cloud mode:
yes, default mode is to connect to the eWeLink cloud
123 g/pcs
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SmartWise WiFi + eWeLink-Remote RGBW downlight, eWeLink app compatible
SmartWise WiFi + eWeLink-Remote RGBW downlight, eWeLink app compatible