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SmartWise S1PMW (eWeLink app) smart Wi-Fi socket with power meter

An eWeLink app compatible smart Wi-Fi wall socket with built-in power meter, 16A maximum output, with ON/OFF button on the front cover.

It can be remotely controlled from app through the internet, and just as Sonoff and other eWeLink devices, it can be controlled by schedulers and scenes with different automations.  Its elegant white glass front is similar in style to Sonoff TX T1 and T2 smart WiFi switches.

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SmartWise S1PMW socket is a Sonoff / eWeLink app compatible smart Wi-Fi socket with white glass front, similar in style to Sonoff TX T1 / TX T2 smart wall switches, with built-in power metering feature.

It has similar features as Sonoff's S26 smart plug, but it's not a Plug&Play solution, but a socket with permanent installation into a wall box, it's a good solution for permanent socket automations. It a small physical ON/OFF switch button on the front cover, so it's easy to turn on or off the socket not just from remotely from the app, but also locally. It has the same scheduling features as Sonoff S26: one time on/off schedule, repeated on/off (on days of the week), timer and loop control. Of course, you may also remotely see on/off status and turn on or off the device from any part of the world, the only thing you need for that is your smartphone with internet connection.

It has a built-in power measurement / power metering feature, so you can keep track of the electricity cost of your household or office devices. Similarly to Sonoff POW relay modules, it has an OPS (overload protection system), so you can set a maximum current / voltage / power value to set an automatic OFF of the output. 

You may share remote access of the smart socket with your family members or others with the Share feature of the eWeLink app. 

Just as in case of other eWeLink devices, SmartWise eWeLink socket can also be set for power-on state: you may set "on" / "last state" / "off" as a default status after getting back its power supply.

Inching is also supported by the SmartWise S1PMW smart socket, so you may configure automatic turn off (or automatic turn on) with this useful feature in eWeLink app.

With the help of scheduling feature, you may set up scheduled on/offs while you are not at home as home simulation, just to show the outside world that the house is not empty. 

Also, you may create a Scene in eWeLink app to turn it on / off together with your Sonoff TX or SmartWise wall switch, so may also use it to turn on local lights plugged in into a socket


Product features:


  • Glass front - the smart socket has a glass front, similar in style to Sonoff TX T1 and TX T2 switches and SmartWise T4 switches.
  • Wi-Fi status LED - small blue LED light shows the WiFi status in the corner of the socket (WiFi status LED can be turned off in the eWeLink app)
  • Max. output is 16A, which can suppyl larger performance home appliances, too. 
  • Power metering - just like Sonoff POW sevices, it can measure power consumption of the devices plugged into the smart socket.
  • EU standard size: 86x86mm glass front, can be installed in regular size EU wall mount boxes.
  • Free smart phone App – eWeLink app is available for iOS and Android OS
  • Real-time status information – eWeLink app will show real-time on/off status for the device
  • Turn ON/OFF remotely – Wherever you are, you may turn on / off remotely the smart socket via the internet 
  • Scheduling – All eWeLink scheduling features are available for the smart socket (one-time, repeated scheduled ON/PFF, timer, loop control)
  • Inching - you may set inching to turn off (after certain ON time) or turn ON (after certain time OFF)
  • OPS (Overload Protection System) - protect your electrical devices from overvoltage, overcurrent or overpower.
  • Share – You may share the remote control with anyone in the eWeLink app
  • Groups, rooms - you may assign your eWeLink devices into rooms and you may also group them for easier control multiple devices together
  • Scenes – Smart scenes are the automations in eWeLink app. You may create automations between several Sonoff / SmartWise devices by defining triggers and conditions and actions.
  • Voice control – The smart socket is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.
  • Sonoff and SmartWise devices are compatible with each other, as they both use eWeLink app.


Product type:
Wi-Fi smart socket with power meter
white glass front
Device power supply:
100V-240V AC
can be installed in standard EU wall box
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Rated voltage (output):
100V-240V AC
Rated current (output):
3680W (16A), 16A
Rated power (output):
yes, but only used for pairing
Controllable from internet:
Cloud mode:
yes, default mode is to connect to the eWeLink cloud
yes: on/off history in the eWeLink app
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