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SmartWise RF2 2-gang wireless RF wall switch

2-gang plastic toggle wall switch, with fluorescent stripe visible in the dark, used as a wireless remote control for Sonoff T1 and TX T1, T2, T3 smart light switches, as well as, Sonoff RF and Sonoff 4CH Pro relay switches.

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Supported protocols:
RF transmitter (433 MHz)
in stock (23 pcs)


SmartWise RF2 is a 2-gang wireless, RF (radio frequency) based wall switch, with fluorescent line on the switch button (improving switch visibility in the dark).

It can be paired with RF gateways (such as Sonoff RF Bridge) or can be used as wireless remote switch (as a wireless two-way switch) for Sonoff T1 or Sonoff TX T1, T2, T3 smart switches. It is also compatible with Sonoff smart devices with RF-support (Sonoff RF R2 and R3 and Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 relay switches, and Sonoff Slampher).

Inside the wall switch cover there is an RF remote controller, and it is only functional after wireless pairing with an RF smart relay switch, RF-capable smart wall switch or an RF gateway or RF bridge.

SmartWise RF1/RF2/RF3 RF wireless remote switches work with a CR2032 battery, provided together with the product.

As it has no wiring, the switch can be installed to the wall or furniture at any desired place, with screws (not inclueded) or two-sided adhesive (inclueded). It's an ideal solution to be added as a second or third switch without having the hassle of wiring.

It's a simpler version of the SmartWise T1R glass touch switch with plastic push buttons, and is specially recommended for outdoor places (protected from rain), garages, workshops, factories.


  • Plastic click buttons, with a fluorescent stripe visible in the dark,
  • Can be installed with screws or two-sided adhesive at any place without wiring,
  • it works on 433 MHz RF, and switches compatible Sonoff products, such as Sonoff T1 and Sonoff TX T1, T2, T3 series wall switches, Sonoff RF (R2) and (R3) relay swithces and Sonoff 4CH Pro (R2) relay switch.
  • Up to 14 pcs. of such RF switches can be paired with Sonoff smart wall switches, one remote per channel with Sonoff 4CH Pro, and multiple RF switches with Sonoff RF relay switch.


Product type:
433 MHz RF radio remote control, alternative switch, 433MHz RF remote controller, also used as wireless 2-way/3-way RF switch
white, white, with physical button(s)
Device power supply:
CR2032 battery
does not need a wall box, it can be installed at any place (wall, furniture, etc.) with a screw or two-sided adhesive
Operating temperature range:
indoor use
Rated voltage (output):
CR2032 battery
Physical on/off button on device:
button, 2 buttons
2-way or 3-way switching:
this wireless RF433MHz switch can be used as a wireless switch to control eWeLink smart devices with embedded RF433 receiver
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes (RF transmitter)
50 g/pcs
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