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SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters (R2) RF-WiFi (eWeLink app) gateway for Dooya / Smart Home / Rojaflex roller shutter RF remote controllers

SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters (R2) RF-WiFi gateway is a special gateway for 433 MHz RF roller shutters using Dooya-encoding for RF remote switching. According to the experiences, most RF roller shutters and remote controllers of Smart Home and Rojaflex brands are compatible with it. It makes RF roller shutters controllable through the internet from eWeLink app, as well as, enables scheduled open and close commands.

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Supported protocols:
RF receiver (433 MHz), RF transmitter (433 MHz), Wi-Fi
in stock (50+ pcs)

SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters is WiFi-RF gateway or bridge, specially created for RF-controlled roller shutters using Dooya encoding. Most RF remote controller roller shutters of Smart Home brand, Rojaflex brand and some other brands are compatible with it. Please note, that Rf remotes with other than Dooya encoding, such as Somfy RTS, or rolling code RF remotes are NOT compatible with the bridge.

The bridge creates a connection between radio frequency capable (RF) roller shutters and eWeLink app compatible Sonoff and SmartWise smart devices, and makes the roller shutters controllable from eWeLink app via the internet and the eWeLink cloud. Also, eWeLink scheduled actions are available to open and close the roller shutters at specific times or at sunrise or sunset.

The gateway supports up to 4 pcs. of 3-button remote contollers (with UP, STOP, DOWN buttons), that is, you can control up to 4 different roller shutters with it remotely.



  • Firstly, pair the SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters gateway with your phone and set it up with eWeLink app and cloud by connecting it to the home or office Wi-Fi router.
  • Then use the eWeLink app to pair your remote controller (using Dooya enoding) with SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters RF gateway, during pairing the Bridge will listen to the remote controller signal and copy the UP / STOP / DOWN signals when the button is pressed on the remote controller.
  • RF Bridge Pro is now capable of simulating remote controller buttons and send the same switch signals to the RF roller shutters as the remote controllers. Therefore you may control the roller shutters with OPEN/STOP/CLOSE commands from eWeLink app through the internet, and also you can set scheduled switching in the eWeLink app.


Product features:

  • Compatible with 433MHz RF remote conttrollers using Dooya-encoding (e.g. most Smart Home, Rojaflex RF remote controllers), copies remote control signals and simlulate it locally to support switching via the internet from eWeLink app
  • Does not support dynamic or rolling code RF devices.
  • Approx. 20-30 m distance supported between bridge and roller shutters (without barriers)
  • Up to 4 pcs. of Dooya-encoded roller shutters supported
  • microUSB cable is part of the product, but power adapter is not an accessory (you will need a standard microUSB 5V DC / 1A power adapter).
  • Sync status changes (ON / OFF) are not displayed in the smartphone app if sent from RF devices
  • Timer function: up to 8 offline scheduler settings and countdown schedule to operate roller shutters
  • Sunset, sunrise -based timing is also supported via the cloud
  • Free smartphone iOS and Android app (eWeLink app)
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Product type:
RF-WiFi bridge / gateway
Device power supply:
5V DC USB (microUSB)
with 5V USB power supply and cable (not included)
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes (RF transmitter and RF receiver)
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app: eWeLink (Android, iOS)
Web admin interface:
Cloud mode:
yes, default mode is to connect to the eWeLink cloud
LAN mode:
REST API support:
MQTT support:
90 g/pcs
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SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters (R2) RF-WiFi (eWeLink app) gateway for Dooya / Smart Home / Rojaflex roller shutter RF remote controllers
SmartWise RF Bridge Pro for Shutters (R2) RF-WiFi (eWeLink app) gateway for Dooya / Smart Home / Rojaflex roller shutter RF remote controllers