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Shelly Wall Display Wi-Fi + Bluetooth touch screen wall switch and control panel (black)

Shelly Wall Display is a Wi-Fi + Bluetooth smart home control panel with a color display and a full screen touch wall switch (load circuit switching) functionality.

With a minimalistic look, polished UI design, and highly customizable home screen, Shelly Wall Display will not only perfectly fit into your interior but will also adjust to your needs. This is the back front panel product version.

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Supported protocols:
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
in stock (30+ pcs)

A smart control panel with 5A integrated switch and colour display - with black front panel

Shelly Wall Display is an intuitive 4" wall display that gives you easy, centralized control and monitoring of all your Shelly devices. With a minimalistic look and customizable home screen, Shelly Wall Display will perfectly fit into your interior and adjust to your needs. Replace your ordinary light switch in 10 minutes and control all your Shelly devices with just a tap.


Replace your traditional light switch in 10 minutes and control all your Shelly devices with just a tap from the smart Shelly Wall Display.

  • Integrated 5A relay for appliance or light control;
  • Note: neutral wire required for Wall Display operation
  • Embedded sensors for Temperature, Humidity & light (LUX)
  • Power consumption monitoring of all devices in your chosen room
  • Can function as a room thermostat (coming soon as a firmware update)
  • Easy navigation and customizable home screen and brightness
  • Create scenes and schedules


The Shelly Wall Display is your ultimate central control panel for a smart home experience like no other. Connect it to your Shelly Cloud account and you can easily control & monitor other Shelly devices. Now, you can effortlessly turn your devices on/off with a simple touch and monitor temperature, humidity, and power consumption at a glance. Shelly Wall Display features a built-in 5 A relay, which is a breeze to operate; a quick tap with two fingers lets you switch it on or off without even needing to look.

  • Display 4-inch high quality touch color display
  • Easy navigation swipe left/right
  • Innovative ON/OFF touch control Tap the display with more than one finger to control the lights
  • Shelly Smart Control App (for Android, iOS, Huawei phones and tablets)
  • Scene control and Scheduling
  • Integrated relay for lighting control
  • Embedded sensors for temperature, humidity & illumination
  • Room thermostat (soon)
  • Bluetooth gateway
  • Power consumption monitoring of all connected devices 


Shelly Wall Display can replace your existing thermostats, offering you an intuitive interface to easily monitor, manage and optimise your heating or cooling. Additionally, an external temperature sensor can be used for more accurate readings in large spaces. For larger loads than 5 A, a contactor can be used to control larger appliances.


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection - Connect your device to your local Wi-Fi network. No HUB needed! Quick pairing via Bluetooth and use the device as a Bluetooth gateway to connect Bluetooth sensors and remote controllers.
  • Built-in light switch - a 5A (230V) light switch is also built into the panel, allowing you to control lighting or other electrical devices.
  • Built-in sensors - Built-in temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors for remote monitoring and automation.
  • Power monitoring - Collects and displays data from all the power meters in the selected room (i.e. it does not measure the consumption itself, but only displays it from the other devices).
  • Thermostat (coming soon) - You can also manage heating or cooling settings from the device (coming soon), with Thermostat functionality.
  • Easy navigation - control devices with a single touch, scroll through different menus, and
  • Customizable home screen - Set the home screen the way you want it. Arrange and customize the layout easily to display up to 6 of the tools that matter most to you.
  • All from one place: Control your Shelly devices, check humidity and temperature from one place with one touch, and see the current energy consumption in your room at a glance.
  • Favourites Control panel: where you can collect your favourites - In this dedicated space, you can create an unlimited collection of your most frequently used devices, groups and scenes, making them easily accessible.
  • Devices tab (room-specific) - The Shelly Wall Display's Devices tab gives you instant access to all your devices in the room.
  • Groups tab (room specific) - Simplify control by quickly managing existing groups.
  • Scenes tab (room specific) - Transform your space in an instant!Control multiple smart devices at once with a single gesture using scenes!

black front panel
270 g/pcs
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Shelly Wall Display Wi-Fi + Bluetooth touch screen wall switch and control panel (black)
Shelly Wall Display Wi-Fi + Bluetooth touch screen wall switch and control panel (black)