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Shelly WAVE i4 wireless switch input / scene controller

The Shelly Qubino Wave i4 smart module has no relay, but it can wirelessly control other Shelly Wave relays by sensing the status of up to 4 switches. It can also be used to control scenes from a wall switch and to create wireless switching. Z-Wave 800 device, so you need a Z-Wave hub or USB coordinator to control it. 

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Supported protocols:
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The Shelly Qubino Wave i4 smart module is a member of the Shelly Wave family, which uses the Z-Wave protocol for communication (868.42 MHz in Europe). As Z-Wave is a smart home protocol, it was developed specifically for communication between smart devices. Thanks to the sub-gigahertz frequency, the signal propagation is good and thanks to the Z-Wave MESH network topology, devices far away from the central unit can communicate properly (devices under continuous power supply act as signal relays). Z-Wave devices need a Z-Wave Hub or USB coordinator (connected to a miniPC, for example) to work. The Z-Wave protocol uses a unified communication command class, so that thousands of products from hundreds of different brands are compatible with each other, and devices in a Z-Wave system can work together as a network. A Z-Wawe network can contain up to 232 devices. An additional advantage of the Z-Wave protocol is that it supports Association Groups, which allow direct associations to be created between individual devices in the network. An additional advantage of Z-Wave devices is that they can be configured with a number of parameters at the protocol level, so that they can be customised to meet the most specific needs.
The Shelly Wave i4 smart module does not include output relays, this device can serve as an input when mounted in the fitting box behind the switch/push button. So it detects the change of state of the pushbutton switches/pushbuttons connected to the module's footpins. It can be powered from DC 12 VDC, 24-48 VDC (on a separate line terminal) and 230VAC AC voltages, with dry contact between the output line terminals. The module is also equipped with an overheat protection, guaranteeing safe operation even in small spaces with wall sockets.

Wiring diagram:


The module has an "S" button, which is a function button. This button is used to start the pairing, unpairing and factory reset processes. These functions are available for a limited time after power-up.

Pair/unpair/factory reset:

Press and hold the "S" button to pair until the status LED turns blue. Then directly press the "S" button again (min 2 seconds) to initiate the mate/unmate status. 

Z-Wave hubs:

Shelly tested with the following Z-Wave hubs: 

  • Home Assistant
  • Home Center 3
  • Jeedom
  • Homey
  • SmartThings
  • Hubitat

Produkt features:

  • 230V AC phase-zero powering
  • also supports button combinations (3 functions per button) 12 options per module (1x, 2x, hold down)
  • direct control of other Z-Wave devices via association functions 8 options per module (1x, hold down)
  • ideal complement to Shelly Wall Switch switching fallacy (1-2-4 push button versions)
  • can be used for other 230VAC input status detection or phase monitoring


- Input: expects phase on the "i" input terminals
- Power supply: 230 VAC
- Low standby power consumption: 0.3 W.
- Communication protocol: Z-Wave 800
- Z-Wave frequency: 868.4 MHz (EU)
- Range: up to 40 meters inside the building (walls can be reduced by slabs)
- SmartStart: YES
- S2 encryption: YES
- Z-Wave repeater function: YES
- Wireless firmware update (OTA): YES
- Operating temperature: -20 - +40 °C
- Size: 37 x 42 x 16 mm
- Weight: 37g

Mounting options:

- Typically fits into a standard size mounting box, but a recessed mounting box is recommended to speed up module installation time
- DIN-rail adapter (separate product) can be used to mount on hat rails, in-line.

The Shelly Wave i4 requires a constant 110-240V AC power supply to operate.

The four switch inputs expect the same voltage:
- and senses whether the switch is on or off,
- or, if not used for a switch, it senses whether there is current in the circuit.

The Wave i4 is compatible with the new Shelly family of light switches with a four-button "scene control" switch, which can be clicked into the back to easily create commands to control other devices (either group or scene-based) in your Shelly system.

(The four-button wall switch is not included with the Shelly Wave i4, but is available as a separate product.)

As with other smart relays, this one requires not only a phase conductor but also a neutral conductor to work.

Product type:
Z-Wave operated 4 digital inputs controller for enhanced action control
Device power supply:
DIN rail compatible:
yes, together with Shelly DIN-adapter (not included)
Operating temperature range:
-20℃ – 40℃
Rated power (output):
no relay / no output
2-way or 3-way switching:
Ethernet (RJ-45):
yes, Z-Wave 800
RF transmitter / receiver:
Controllable from internet:
Cloud mode:
Depends on Z-Wave gateway
REST API support:
Schedulers, timers:
Dipends on Z-Wave gateway
Notification functions:
Depends on Z-Wave gateway
Depends on Z-Wave gateway
40 g/pcs
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