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Shelly Qubino Wave PRO 3 smart DIN-rail relay with 3-gang, with Z-Wave protocol

The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 3 is a smart DIN-rail mounted relay module with 3 independent gangs and dry contact support, using Z-Wave technology, that integrates well with a wide range of Z-Wave hubs and gateways. Its high compatibility makes it an ideal choice for both residential and corporate applications.

With its focus on energy efficiency, security and ease of use, this Z-Wave 800 Series product is a cutting edge solution for both smart homes and commercial building automation.

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The Shelly Qubino Wave Pro 3 is a professional 3-channel DIN-rail mountable Z-Wave® smart switch with dry contacts. It is ideal for home and facility automation with remote control capabilities and advanced safety features.

Product features:

  • 3 outputs, 16 A each, total 48 A
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Dry contacts
  • Low power consumption: < 0.3 W
  • Z-Wave 800 series, 868.4 MHz
  • Automatic setup with SmartStart
  • High-level security: Security 2 Authenticated
  • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • Compatible with over 4000 Z-Wave devices and gateways

Why Choose Wave Pro 3?

Perfect for new residential and business buildings, Wave Pro 3 supports up to 48 A for professional automation. It offers high flexibility with potential-free outputs (dry contacts), and allows various actions, scenarios, and schedules tailored to daily activities or business needs.

Integration and Compatibility:

Shelly Qubino devices are compatible with any Z-Wave gateway and over 4000 Z-Wave certified devices. A gateway (smart hub) is required for configuration and is not included.


  • Power Supply: 110 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption: < 0.3W
  • Max Switching Voltage AC: 240 V
  • Max Switching Current AC: 16 A per channel, total 48 A
  • Max Switching Voltage DC: 30 V
  • Max Switching Current DC: 16 A per channel, total 48 A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 96x53x59 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Mounting: DIN rail

Use Cases:

  • Dynamic Lighting Control: Automate office lighting for improved efficiency and energy savings.
  • Optimal Indoor Climate: Manage heating and cooling systems in hotels and commercial buildings.
  • Socket Automation: Efficiently control power delivery to reduce energy consumption.

Power consumption metering:
Number of gangs / circuits:
Dry contact (voltage free) switching:
Z-Wave 800
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