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Shelly Plus RGBW PM - smart Wi-Fi controller for single color, RGB or RGBW LED strips

Shelly Plus RGBW PM is the new version of the popular Shelly RGBW2 compact, small RGBW smart control with Wi-Fi, which fits into the wall boxes behind switches. The new version features Bluetooth receiver and can be paired with Shelly's BT remote controls and wireless wall switches.

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Supported protocols:
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
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Wi-Fi operated RGBW controller for LED strips

A compact and versatile RGBW controller designed for effortless control of any LED strips. With support for RGBW, RGB and Light profiles, it offers unparalleled flexibility in creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Its power measurement feature provides real-time insights into energy consumption, ensuring efficiency.  


  • Supports any 12V or 24V DC White (or color), RGB, RGBW LED strips 
  • Power measurement
  • 3 lighting profiles for easy customization
  • Adjustable transition duration & fade rate, as well as min/max brightness
  • Independent control for RGB and White: Color brightness and white brightness now can be controlled independently with dimming up/down.
  • Night mode
  • Over-current protection 
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • BLE Gateway
  • Extremely fast processor for immediate reaction - ESP32
  • Supports scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS and custom certificates
  • No hub required!
  • Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, most platforms and protocols, as well as voice assistants.
  • Use it with Alexa, Home Assistant, or your preferred automation platform.

Tailored Lighting with Advanced Profiles

Choose from 3 different profiles depending on the type of LED strips you have.

  • Lights Profile - With the Light profile, control up to four independent LED strips, adjusting each one’s brightness to suit your precise needs.
  • RGB Profile: Tailored for those who love to set the scene. The RGB profile offers unified control over your RGB LED strips, allowing you to adjust color and brightness across the entire strip to set the desired mood.
  • RGBW Profile: The best of both worlds. The RGBW profile allows you to seamlessly transition between color and practical white lighting, or even a blend of both for a customized ambience.

Feature highlights:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity - Connect Shelly Plus RGBW PM to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required! Features quick inclusion.
  • Power Measurement - Keep track of your energy consumption with precise monitoring capabilities, allowing for efficient energy use without sacrificing quality of lighting.
  • Color effects - Set the mood by dimming and choose between 16 million colors and unique effects.
  • Flexible input control - Use it with your existing switches, no matter if they’re single, dual or 4-button.
  • Smart schedules & scenes - Set custom schedules & scenes. Combine Shelly Plus RGBW PM with your other Shelly devices.
  • Scripting - Fully supports scripting, allowing you local control and custom functionalities.

Shelly Plus RGW PM compatibility:

Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice!

Product type:
WiFi smart control 12V and 24V RGB, RGBW, or 4 of one colour LED strips / LED bulb control
Device power supply:
12V or. 24V DC
230V AC (live and neutral), or 230V AC just live wire, several wiring options, see it on the wiring scheme
DIN rail compatible:
yes, together with Shelly DIN-adapter (not included)
Max. power consumption:
max.1, 2W
Embedded relay:
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Rated current (output):
4A per channel, total max 10A
Rated power (output):
12V or 24V, AC / DC
Physical on/off button on device:
External switch supported:
yes, for all channels
2-way or 3-way switching:
Momentary switching (inching):
yes, auto on and auto off settings available
Surge protection:
Overheat protection:
Ethernet (RJ-45):
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app (Shelly Cloud) (iOS, Android)
Web admin interface:
yes, almost the same functionality as the app
Voice control:
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
Cloud mode:
yes, Shelly devices may connect to factory cloud (optional setting)
LAN mode:
yes, works just in the local area network mode, with full functionality (adjustable)
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, ioBroker, Hubitat, Hoobs, Symcan, Domoticz, nymea, SmartThings (beta), REST API
Schedulers, timers:
yes, (after synchronizing clock on the internet) limited number of timings operate in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode
Notification functions:
send email, Shelly app notification
yes: on/off history in the app (the last 50 event for every Shelly account)
40 g/pcs
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Shelly Plus RGBW PM - smart Wi-Fi  controller for single color, RGB or RGBW LED strips
Shelly Plus RGBW PM - smart Wi-Fi controller for single color, RGB or RGBW LED strips