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Shelly PLUS Uni - universal WiFi smart module

Shelly PLUS Uni is the successor to shelly UNI. It is a small universal smart input/output module with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth chip, recommended for connecting analogue and digital sensors. It can also be used with 3 DS18B20 waterproof rod thermometers or 1 DHT22 humidity sensor, and its two digital inputs can be connected to a switch, and it has a pulse counter input. Other analogue sensors can be connected to the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC). On the output side, it can switch two circuits, even with potential-free switching.

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Supported protocols:
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
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The Shelly PLUS Uni is the European manufacturer's 2024 innovation, one of the world's smallest smart devices for retrofitting traditional devices: like the Shelly PLUS i4, it can detect the switching signal of traditional physical switches or other relays, and like the Shelly temperature adapter, it can also be connected to digital thermometers. Like other Shelly GEN2 devices, it is a smart device equipped with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, and is compatible with other Shelly-supported systems via the Shelly Cloud app and cloud service.
The Shelly PLUS UNI is a truly versatile, universal little device, as it:

The device is specifically universal in terms of its power supply, as the Shelly Uni works from 5V DC, 9V-28V DC and 8V-24V AC power supply. It is also equipped with two digital inputs IN1 and IN2, which can be used as switch inputs when connected to GND.The COUNT IN input makes it suitable for contact counting.
The output side is also universal: the switching on the two potential free outputs can be controlled by the input side, but can also be controlled independently, able to switch up to 24V AC and 36V DC, both with a maximum of 250 mA.
It is also equipped with a universal ADC, i.e. an analogue-to-digital converter, which can handle 0-15V or 0-30V DC.
Up to 3 DS18B20 waterproof rod thermometers OR 1 DHT22 humidity sensor can be connected, which can be used to switch output side, local or cloud Scene / Smart Controls.

Although it does not have its own external protection cover, a transparent insulating cover protects it from high humidity, dust and the risk of short circuit.
It is truly versatile: for example, you can connect your doorbell button to its digital inputs and use the Shelly App Scene (Smart Control) function to send notifications or emails to your phone.
Thanks to its controllable output, it can also be integrated into and control conventional household appliances.
And because it can be connected to digital thermometers and humidity sensors, it offers one of the cheapest and easiest ways to process sensor data. And the dual ADC can be connected to virtually any analogue sensor (e.g. water level sensor) and can even be used to control tank filling.
And the two potential-free outputs can be connected to the pull-in coils of high-power relays, allowing higher-power switching, so that they can be retrofitted into most conventional household or other devices.
Tip: you can even automate a motorhome: sockets, lights, door status, water leaks, water and air temperature measurement, etc.

Supported modes:

Cloud / cloud mode: then you can connect to the free Shelly Cloud, through which you can control and configure devices from the Shelly Cloud smartphone app (available for iOS and Android) and from; or
choose LAN / local network trunk mode, in which case devices can only be controlled from devices connected to the local network; or
operate the device (instead of WiFi client mode) in WiFi Access Point mode (e.g. if there is no permanent WiFi network at the installation site), in which case you can connect a mobile phone or notebook near the device directly to the WiFi AC network broadcast by the device and control the device during the connection or read e.g. saved consumption data.

In cloud mode, Shelly devices can also control each other (under complex conditions) by using the Shelly Cloud Scene (for example, a Shelly relay mounted behind a light switch can turn on/off another Shelly relay behind a power outlet, independent of the wiring point on the cloud, and turn it on/off, i.e. devices can control each other wirelessly over WiFi and the factory cloud simply by following the rules we specify.)
It is also possible to control each other directly with HTTP commands (DDD, Direct Device-to-Device) (even without using Shelly Cloud, even in LAN mode), when using fixed IP addresses, i.e. Shelly devices can also turn each other off/on on the local network in case of external internet disconnection (or disabling on the firewall), using so-called Actions that can be configured in the Shelly App.
For the Shelly PLUS Uni smart control, the manufacturer's own smartphone app and its own Cloud service are also available free of charge.

Connection overview:


Even with its factory firmware, the Shelly is one of the easiest smart devices on the market to integrate. As usual with Shelly devices, the factory firmware already supports a range of integrations, including REST API, MQTT, CoAP, Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung's Smart Things platform, meaning it can easily integrate with almost every major automation platform.
In addition, the factory firmware supports a range of other open source and other systems:

Home Assistant

Product type:
sensor and switch input smart module
without outer protective cover
Device power supply:
12V-36V DC, 12V-24V AC, 5V DC
12V-36V DC, 12V-24V AC
DIN rail compatible:
Max. power consumption:
1W, &lt
Embedded relay:
Dimmer feature:
Power consumption metering:
Number of gangs / circuits:
Rated current (output):
on both outputs individually 0, 1A (max. up to 36V AC and up to 24V DC)
Rated power (output):
dry contact, max. 36V AC, max. 24V DC
Physical on/off button on device:
External switch supported:
yes 2 inputs: 2, 2V-36V DC and 12V-24V AC
2-way or 3-way switching:
Ethernet (RJ-45):
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
bluetoot gateway function, yes, but Bluetooth is only used for device pairing with phone
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app (Shelly Cloud) (iOS, Android)
Web admin interface:
yes, almost the same functionality as the app
Voice control:
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
Cloud mode:
yes, Shelly devices may connect to factory cloud (optional setting)
LAN mode:
yes, works just in the local area network mode, with full functionality (adjustable)
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, ioBroker, Hubitat, Hoobs, Symcan, Domoticz, nymea, SmartThings (beta), REST API
Schedulers, timers:
yes, (after synchronizing clock on the internet) limited number of timings operate in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode
Notification functions:
send email, Shelly app notification
yes: on/off history in the app (the last 50 event for every Shelly account)
24 g/pcs
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Shelly PLUS Uni - universal WiFi smart module
Shelly PLUS Uni - universal WiFi smart module