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Shelly Flood WiFi flood sensor with temperature measurement

Shelly Flood is Shelly’s new WiFi-based flood sensor with built-in temperature sensor, introduced in September 2019.

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Shelly Flood, introduced in September 2019, is Shelly's new, WiFi access flood / leak sensor. Due to its low consumption the battery-powered device can operate for over 1 year, or according to the factory's manual for even 18 months.

Flood sensor with temperature measurement!

  • Wireless: Connect Shelly Flood directly to your Wi-Fi network, without the need of any additional controller.
  • Stay flood free: You will receive a notification immediately if there is any liquid detected by Shelly Flood.
  • Temperature control: Be aware of temperature fluctuations and keep your floor heating at the desired temperature.
  • Easy to use: The only thing you need to manage all your Shelly Flood is a mobile phone and the Shelly Cloud app.
  • Long-lasting battery: Feel more comfortable with Shelly Flood’s long-lasting battery life of up to 18 months.
  • Free history on cloud: All temperature measurements of Shelly Flood are recorded for up to one year.
  • Wire free: Place the sensor anywhere at your home where unpleasant events may occur.
  • Monitor remotely: Monitor you home, no matter where you are via the Shelly Cloud app and your phone.

By putting the device under a water tap, washing machine or sink, when the sensor detects water leakage (for example due to a broken pipe, broken valves, broken down hot water radiator) the sensor is activated, and it sends an alarm to Shelly app. By connecting Shelly Flood with a Shelly 1 relay, you can even control an electric water valve. The flood sensor has a built-in temperature sensor, so it can measure floor temperature if you have underfloor heating.

Shelly Flood is just a piece of art combining harmonious design with advanced technology. The small size of the sensor allows it to be placed anywhere at your home, where there is even a slight chance of water leakage.

No installation or wiring needed! Just put your sensor anywhere you think there is a chance for leaks. Download the Shelly Cloud application and add your Shelly Flood sensor. Now you will always be notified when there is any water in the wrong places.

Floor heating control: Floor heating creates cosiness and comfort during the cold seasons. Use yours only when you need it with Shelly Flood. This tiny device allows you to adjust the temperature of your floor heating system while maximizing energy efficiency.

(According to tests, the device is not capable for rain detection, because amount of water in raindrops is to small to close the circuit, it detects only water flood, that is bigger amount of water. For rain detection we suggest to use a plastic box to collect rain, so that enough water can trigger the sensor.)

Data is stored by Shelly Cloud for 1 year for free, data can be displayed any time with Shelly smartphone app, also available at no additional cost.

The sensor directly connects to WiFi network, there is no need for any wiring.

One application, countless possiblities: With the best cloud service in the world, user-friendly interface, scenes, bulk control, and much more, the Shelly Cloud application allows you to control your home from anywhere. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly App.

Shipped without battery.

Product type:
Wi-Fi (wireless) smart flood sensor
Device power supply:
CR123A battery (3V)
Ethernet (RJ-45):
Wi-Fi standards:
802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
RF transmitter / receiver:
Controllable from internet:
Manufacturer smartphone app:
yes, free app (Shelly Cloud) (iOS, Android)
Web admin interface:
Cloud mode:
yes, Shelly devices may connect to factory cloud (optional setting)
LAN mode:
REST API support:
MQTT support:
Supported integrations:
Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, ioBroker, Hubitat, Hoobs, Symcan, Domoticz, nymea, SmartThings (beta), REST API
Notification functions:
send email, Shelly app notification
downloadable CSV data, yes: on/off history in the app (the last 50 event for every Shelly account)
50 g/pcs
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Shelly Flood WiFi flood sensor with temperature measurement
Shelly Flood WiFi flood sensor with temperature measurement