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Shelly BLU Button TOUGH 1, Bluetooth remote controller, Ivory

The Shelly Blu Button TOUGH is a remote control using Bluetooth Low Energy technology to wirelessly control one or more Shelly Plus and Pro devices. The tiny button battery powered device can work for up to 2 years without battery replacement. It is Ivory in colour and has an impact, dust and drop resistant design.

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The Shelly Blu Button TOUGH is a Bluetooth remote control for wireless local remote control of one or more Shelly devices. It is compatible with Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro series devices, which already have a Bluetooth chip. It uses encryption for communication with remote controlled Shelly devices. However, if there is no Shelly Plus or Shelly Pro series device in the system, the Shelly BLU Gateway can be used as a gateway to the remote control

The Shelly Blu Button TOUGH allows you to turn on/off your Shelly devices or even activate Shelly Scenes (scenes, smart controls), so you can control multiple devices at the same time with the touch of a button. This design is IP 65 certified and, in addition to being dust and drop resistant, it is also shockproof thanks to its rubberised outer cover.

You can assign different types of button presses (short, long, double and triple press) to different controls, for example, you can turn on/off a light with one press, control a shutter with a double press, turn on a fan with three quick presses and turn off all lights with a long press.

Since it uses local remote control, it provides lightning-fast control for remote control of Shelly devices. It also connects to the Shelly cloud via Shelly Plus and Pro devices or the Shelly BLU Gateway.

Thanks to its tiny size, you can even slip it in your pocket to keep it handy. The device runs on a single button battery and has a long battery life of up to 2 years thanks to Blueooth Low Energy.

Factory specifications give a range of up to 10 metres indoors and up to 30 metres outdoors (in an unobstructed environment).

The Shelly Blu also introduces beacon functionality to the world of Shelly smart home devices: automations based on the device's current location enable a kind of presence-based control, building on this, RSSI-based scripts and scenes can be created based on the location in the house.

Shelly Blu Button also offers full compatibility with the new BTHome Home Assistant protocol.

With the built-in "Find Me" feature, it can provide light and sound alerts to make it easy to find you.

The Shelly BLU Button is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Product type:
WiFi remote controller / button
Device power supply:
CR2032 battery
IP rating:
Physical on/off button on device:
yes, 1 button, it can be programed for 8 different modes
Ethernet (RJ-45):
RF transmitter / receiver:
this Bluetooth remote can be paired with Shelly Plus and Pro devices for remote control
Cloud mode:
needs a Shelly device with a Bluetooth gateway feature and Shelly cloud connection to connect to Shelly cloud
20 g/pcs
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Shelly BLU Button TOUGH 1, Bluetooth remote controller, Ivory
Shelly BLU Button TOUGH 1, Bluetooth remote controller, Ivory