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SONOFF Zigbee Button - a Zigbee remote controller button (SNZB-01P)

The Sonoff Zigbee button is a battery-powered wireless remote control button using the Zigbee 3.0 smart home protocol. It features a redesigned round design and magnetic or double-sided adhesive mounting. It's compatible with most Zigbee gateways. It can be integrated into an eWeLink system via Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro or SmartWise Bridge Pro.

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The SNZB-01P is Sonoff's new Zigbee Switch Button or Zigbee Remote Control, a smart home device using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol. With this remote control and a Zigbee gateway, you can switch any Zigbee or eWeLink system, e.g. WiFi devices, by integrating them into a Zigbee or eWeLink syst

For example, a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro or a SmartWise Zigbee Bridge Pro communicates with the eWeLink cloud and can control other Sonoff or SmartWise WiFi and eWeLink devices based on the measured data. The product includes a metal base that can be attached with a screw to which you can attach the device with a clamp inside the sensor, but also includes double-sided adhesive.

What is Zigbee?
Most Sonoff products use Wi-Fi and RF as communication modes, which allow for more affordable products than other smart home technologies, but are not specifically IoT standards.
In contrast, Zigbee is specifically designed as an ideal communication solution for low-power devices where there is not a large amount of data transfer, but where the lowest possible time latency is important. Zigbee is a good choice for battery-powered sensors or remote controls, for example, where Zigbee offers multiple uptimes compared to WiFi. Zigbee sensors cannot be used on their own, they need a Zigbee gateway to connect them to your home/office network. An example is the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro.
Due to the nature of Zigbee technology, pairing with individual Zigbee devices is a snap, much faster than pairing with WiFi.
Three presses of the wireless button (single, double and long press) can be used to trigger different controls.

Product features:

- Zigbee technology provides long range data transmission, and mesh technology can extend it even further.
- Compatible with, for example, the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro. gateway, as well as other standard Zigbee devices.
- When used in conjunction with Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro, it can also control Sonoff and SmartWise smart devices with WiFi
- Quite small size, only 4.5 cm round cross-section and 1.77 cm thick switch button
- Powered by 1 CR2477 (3V) battery, not included.

Product type:
Zigbee button / remote controller
Device power supply:
CR2477 battery (3V)
Physical on/off button on device:
Controllable from internet:
yes, connects to the internet through Zigbee Bridge
Cloud mode:
depends on the Zigbee Bridge
50 g/pcs
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SONOFF Zigbee Button - a Zigbee remote controller button (SNZB-01P)