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SONOFF T2 EU 3C RF (86 Type) RF 433MHz Wireless Wall Panel, 3 gang

Remote controller with glass touch front panel, practically a 433 MHz RF remote controller in form of a wireless wall switch. Use it as a two-way switch atached to a Sonoff TX smart switch or a remote controller for Sonoff 4CH Pro or Sonoff RF (R3) or SmartWise RF relay.

Has the same look as Sonoff TX T2 switches. This is the 3-gang device version.

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Supported protocols:
RF transmitter (433 MHz)
in stock (30+ pcs)

New Sonoff RF (433.92 MHz radio control) touch switches have similar feature as SmartWise T1R3 series RF switch, but come with the similar modern look as Sonoff TX T2 smart switches. It is typically used as wireless 2-way switch for Sonoff TX switches, or wireless switch for Sonoff and SmartWise RF relays, and need no wiring but work with 2 pcs 3V batteries.

Inside the wall switch case there is a 433MHz RF (radio) remote control. The device is not for standalone use, pair it wirelessly with Sonoff TX T1, T2, T3 series (1C, 2C, 3C) switches via radio frequency, Sonoff RF or Sonoff 4CH Pro smart relay, or an RF gateway such as Sonoff RF Bridge or SmartWise RF Bridge.

Fix it to the wall with screws (not inclueded) or double sided adhesive (inclueded). No need for wiring at all, it controls other T1/TX switches via radio frequency. No inside-the-wall part, no need for in-wall electric socket.

You can control the lights from a distance with the remote controller, and does not require wiring, simply use a stick or screw and ready to use. The multiple gang version allows you to pair it with different RF receivers, so one SONOFF remote controller supports controlling multiple lights. The remote controller can be used to connect with SONOFF T1/T2/T3 wall switch to achieve two-way control. It is also used for RFR2, RFR3, 4CHPROR3 and SlampherR2 which provides you one more control way not just the APP remote control and voice control.

The backlight is designed on the touch button to give you a clear location to control the light at night. The absorbing energy from light decides the brightness of backlight, the more energy it absorbs, the higher its brightness.

Three using methods can be chosen from stick-on, screw-on and desk-top.


  • This is the 3 gang product version.
  • RF frequency: 433MHz
  • Touch switch - glass front touch panel
  • Color: white glass touch, with white frame;
  • Power Supply: 2 pcs. of 3V button cell  battery;
  • Remote Control Distance: >50m (in open space);
  • Dimensions meet EU standards: 86x86mm front panel, 9mm depth
  • Easy to fix - fix it to the wall with screwing (not included) or double sided adhesive (included)

white glass front
Device power supply:
2 pcs CR2032 battery
Physical on/off button on device:
touch button
2-way or 3-way switching:
this wireless RF433MHz switch can be used as a wireless switch to control eWeLink smart devices with embedded RF433 receiver
RF transmitter / receiver:
yes (RF transmitter)
100 g/pcs
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SONOFF T2 EU 3C RF (86 Type) RF 433MHz Wireless Wall Panel, 3 gang
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