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Nous P3 smart Tuya Wi-Fi RGB bulb (E27 socket), Matter compatible

Nous P3 smart Wi-Fi RGB bulb is the manufacturer's smart bulb type for E27 sockets, with a luminous flux of 810 lumens. It is compatible with the cloud-based Tuya smart home system and app.

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Discover the Nous P3 smart Wi-Fi RGB LED bulb, offering a unique lighting experience for your smart home. The bulb, compatible with E27 sockets, provides 16 million colors and adjustable white light temperature ranging from cool to warm (2700K-6500K). It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants and can be controlled via the Nous Smart or Tuya Smart Life apps.

The bulb is easy to install (Plug & Play): simply screw it into the socket, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and control the lighting from your smartphone or with voice commands. Enjoy a personalized lighting experience that suits any mood and occasion.

The bulb is Matter compatible, making it compatible with Apple HomeKit and SmartThings when connected to a Matter hub.

What is the Tuya / SmartLife smart home platform and app? 

Tuya is a popular cloud-based smart home platform offering integrated solutions for various smart home devices and applications. The platform enables quick and easy pairing of devices, remote control, and management through a single app interface. Tuya, also known as SmartLife, provides users with a comprehensive smart home ecosystem, featuring devices from numerous manufacturers.

It supports voice control, remote access, and automated processes (scenes). The Tuya platform has cloud-side integration with a range of other smart home ecosystems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, allowing Tuya devices to be used on these platforms as well. Tuya, similar to the global eWeLink platform, is also a cloud-based system, although the quality of available Tuya devices can vary significantly.

In the Tuya lineup, the European Nous brand offers stable quality Tuya devices. They can be used with the Nous own app or the standard Tuya app.

Main Features:

  • Color Selection: 16 million colors
  • Energy Efficient: 9W power consumption
  • Luminous Flux: 810 lm brightness
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Voice Control: Supports Alexa and Google Assistant
  • App Control: Nous Smart, Tuya Smart Life
  • Timing and Scheduling: Automatic lighting settings (Tuya APP)

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Nous P3 smart Tuya Wi-Fi RGB bulb (E27 socket), Matter compatible
Nous P3 smart Tuya Wi-Fi RGB bulb (E27 socket), Matter compatible