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Nous LZ4 smart Tuya Zigbee wireless push button, remote control

Nous LZ4 push button is a battery-operated, wireless remote button using the Tuya Zigbee smart home protocol. It can control other Tuya Zigbee devices or Tuya WiFi devices through a Tuya Zigbee Bridge, and can send notifications or alerts to a smartphone.

A Nous or other brand Tuya / SmartLife Zigbee gateway or coordinator is required to integrate it into the smart home system.

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Supported protocols:
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Nous LZ4 is a small wireless push button remote control supporting the Tuya Zigbee protocol, communicating with the network through a Tuya Zigbee gateway. It is compatible with Tuya / SmartLife Zigbee gateways, allowing it to remotely control Wi-Fi or Zigbee Tuya-compatible devices paired to the Tuya cloud, and send alerts to the Tuya / Nous app on your phone. This way, it can be used not only as a remote control but also as a signaling device.

What is the Tuya / SmartLife smart home platform and app? 

Tuya is a popular cloud-based smart home platform that offers integrated solutions for various smart home devices and applications. The platform enables quick and easy pairing of devices, remote control, and management through a single app interface. Tuya, also known as SmartLife, provides users with a comprehensive smart home ecosystem, featuring devices from numerous manufacturers.

It supports voice control, remote access, and automated processes (scenes). The Tuya platform has cloud-side integration with a range of other smart home ecosystems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, allowing Tuya devices to be used on these platforms as well. Tuya, similar to the global eWeLink platform, is also a cloud-based system, although the quality of available Tuya devices can vary significantly.

In the Tuya lineup, the European Nous brand offers stable quality Tuya devices. They can be used with the Nous own app or the standard Tuya app.

The device can be used with the Nous own Nous APP, and with the Tuya app, which offers more functions according to experience. 

This is a wireless push button recommended for the Tuya smart home system, primarily operating in cloud mode. However, with Tuya Zigbee gateways that can cache and run automations locally, its automations can function without an internet connection.

It supports three types of button presses (normal, long, double press).

Product Features:

  • Tuya Zigbee chip connection: Connects to Tuya Zigbee gateways via the 2.4 GHz Tuya Zigbee protocol.
  • Zigbee technology provides long-range data transmission, and the mesh technology can further extend it.

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Nous LZ4 smart Tuya Zigbee wireless push button, remote control
Nous LZ4 smart Tuya Zigbee wireless push button, remote control