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Nous A4Z smart Tuya Zigbee outdoor power strip

The Nous B4Z is a 2-gang power strip equipped with a Zigbee Tuya chip, suitable for outdoor use. It is compatible with the Tuya/SmartLife smart home app and requires a Tuya Zigbee gateway

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Supported protocols:
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With the Nous B4Z, you won't miss out on a smart power strip outdoors. Simply connect the dual outlet strip to an outdoor socket, and you'll have an IP44 power strip suitable for outdoor use.

Using it, you can conveniently turn on the desired devices remotely even before arriving home, or easily schedule on/off switching.

Additionally, you can monitor the power consumption of connected devices to save energy and costs.

The Zigbee smart power strip can switch up to 16A of current, allowing it to control higher-power (up to 3680W) consumers.

A Tuya Zigbee compatible smart power strip requires a Nous or other brand Tuya Zigbee gateway, coordinator, or hub to connect the smart power strip to the Zigbee network. After pairing with the Zigbee hub, the outlet can be automated and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Like other Zigbee devices operating on 230V power, this can also function as a Zigbee mesh node, increasing the coverage of your Zigbee network to ensure stable connections for devices in the farthest corners of your home.

What is the Tuya / SmartLife smart home platform and app?

Tuya is a popular cloud-based smart home platform that offers integrated solutions for various smart home devices and applications. The platform enables quick and easy pairing, remote control, and management of devices through a single app interface. Tuya, also known as SmartLife, provides users with a comprehensive smart home ecosystem, including devices from numerous manufacturers.

It supports voice control, remote access, and automated processes (scenes). The Tuya platform also integrates with a range of other smart home ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, allowing Tuya devices to be used on these platforms as well. Tuya, similar to the global eWeLink platform, is also cloud-based, but the quality of available Tuya devices can vary.

In the Tuya lineup, the European brand Nous offers stable quality Tuya devices. Their devices can be used with Nous' own app or the standard Tuya app.

Product Features:

  • Increased max power: total max. 3680W / 16A
  • EU version: grounded socket version according to Hungarian standards
  • Zigbee protocol: device operating according to Tuya Zigbee standard, also functions as a Zigbee mesh in the Zigbee network. Requires Tuya Zigbee gateway or hub for operation and remote control.
  • Remote ON/OFF control: You can now turn the electrical devices plugged into the socket on or off remotely from anywhere
  • Mobile App: Free iOS and Android mobile app: SmartLife / Tuya or Nous app with Tuya Zigbee hub
  • Status Query: The current status of the outlet (on or off) is visible in the mobile app
  • Timing: Various timing functions available in the Tuya app with Tuya Zigbee Bridge

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Nous A4Z smart Tuya Zigbee outdoor power strip
Nous A4Z smart Tuya Zigbee outdoor power strip