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Nous A4T smart Wi-Fi outdoor power strip (16A/3680W) with power meter, Tasmota firmware

Thanks to the pre-installed Tasmota firmware, the Nous A4T WiFi outdoor smart plug with energy monitoring can be easily integrated into open-source smart home systems using the MQTT protocol, such as Home Assistant, Domoticz, or OpenHAB. However, it does not provide a factory cloud service.

It has a maximum power capacity of 16A, making it safe to use with higher power consumers.

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One of the unique products from the European brand Nous is the Nous A4T Wi-Fi Smart 2-Gang Outlet Strip, in an outdoor IP44 design, capable of switching up to 16A.

Its specialty is that Nous delivers the smart outlet pre-installed with Tasmota firmware, making it particularly recommended for users and integrators of open-source smart home systems.


What is Tasmota firmware?

TASMOTA is an open-source firmware increasingly used - even factory pre-installed - as the base software for smart home devices. It allows cloud-independent local control, supporting manufacturer-independent, local, secure data storage. As Tasmota is open-source, the community continuously develops and checks it, increasing security and reliability.

It supports various communication protocols, such as MQTT, HTTP, and WebSocket, ensuring wide compatibility with different devices. TASMOTA devices can easily integrate with various smart home hubs, such as Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Domoticz, and Node-RED.

The Tasmota firmware offers a local web administration interface on the devices for different settings. It does not offer a "factory" app, but several third-party applications assist in controlling and managing the devices. Smart home platforms like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, and others also have mobile applications to integrate and control TASMOTA devices.

With it, a traditional wall socket can be turned into a smart outlet socket in just a few steps, making it a perfect solution for controlling household appliances and lamps plugged into the socket.

Using it, you can conveniently turn on the desired devices remotely even before arriving home, or easily schedule on/off switching. Additionally, you can monitor the power consumption of connected devices to save energy and costs, as the smart outlet also features an energy monitor.

The Wi-Fi smart outlet can switch up to 16A of current, allowing it to control higher-power (up to 3680W) consumers.

Thanks to the pre-installed Tasmota firmware, it is compatible with most MQTT-capable home automation systems, making it easy to integrate into your existing smart home.

(Compatible smart home systems: Alexa, AWS IoT, Domoticz, Home Assistant, Homebridge, HomeSeer, IP Symcon, KNX, NodeRed, nymea, OctoPrint, openHAB, Otto, IOBroker, Mozilla WebThings Adapter, SmartThings, Tasmohab, Homematic ip ...)

It does not provide a factory cloud solution; it is specifically recommended for integration with the listed systems.

Product Features:

  • Max power: 3680W / 16A
  • EU version, grounded socket version according to Hungarian standards
  • Outdoor design: The IP44 design allows for outdoor use, although it is not fully weatherproof, it is protected against splashing water, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Remote ON/OFF control: You can now turn the electrical devices plugged into the socket on or off remotely from anywhere
  • Energy monitoring: The built-in energy monitor allows you to track the power consumption of controlled consumers.
  • ESP8266 chip
  • TASMOTA firmware, factory installed
  • MQTT compatible
  • No factory cloud, can be integrated locally

Examples of integration possibilities:

  • MQTT - A messaging protocol that enables easy integration of devices running Tasmota firmware with various smart home systems, such as:
    • Home Assistant - One of the most popular open-source smart home platforms that allows the integration and automation of various smart devices.
    • OpenHAB - Another open-source home automation system that supports a wide range of device integrations and automation possibilities.
    • Domoticz - An easy-to-use home automation system that allows the control and monitoring of various smart devices.
    • Node-RED - A visual programming tool that enables easy integration and automation of smart home devices through flow diagrams.
    • KNX system
    • ioBroker system
    • homematic IP system

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Nous A4T smart Wi-Fi outdoor power strip (16A/3680W) with power meter, Tasmota firmware
Nous A4T smart Wi-Fi outdoor power strip (16A/3680W) with power meter, Tasmota firmware