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Gledopto GL-RC-009, 8-zone LED RF remote controller (for Gledopto Pro RGB+CCT LED controllers)

Gledopto 2.4GHz RF remote controller, compatible with Gledopto Pro series LED controllers. It can adjust the brightness, the color temperature (for white light) and RGB (color). It supports 8 light zones, is compatible with RGB, RGBWW and RGBCCT lighting, too.

You may use it to control Gledepto Pro (Zigbee+RF) LED strips, downlights, floodlights, garden spotlights, bulbs.

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Factory SKU ID:
Supported protocols:
RF transmitter (2.4 GHz)
in stock (12 pcs)

Gledepto's Zigbee Pro series products all support local remote control by 2.4GHz RF remote controllers, and this remote controller can support no less than 8 different channels, zones, or different Gledopto Pro LED devices.

This product is a portable LED remote controller, but Gledopto also has a different remote controller product in the form of a wireless wall remote controller panel.

It is compatible with all Gledopto Pro series products LED controllers (5-in-1, 5-in-1 mini, CCT (WW/CW), RGBW, RGB CCT, Dimmer), Gledopto Pro LED flood lights, and Gledopto Pro LED bulbs.

Pairing is very easy: after giving power on the corresponding lighting, just keep pressing the on ("I") button of the selected zone (1-8), and the lighting will turn on as soon as pairing is successfully finished.  Pairing can be done for max. 8 zones one by one, but even more than 8 devices can be paired if you choose to put multiple devices into one zone (to turn on/off and control them together).





  • This remote controller only works with Gledopto's Pro and Plus Products, which come with a 2.4GHz RF receiver.
    • works with Gledopto LED controllers, LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LEd floodlight, LED garden lamp
    • Milight compatible
  • Group management without a hub, up to 8 zones (8 groups of devices) supported
  • This remote controller can adjust the brightness, color temperature and RGB:
    • Set RGB color (for RGB. RGBW, RGB CCT devices and controllers)
    • Set brightness level: dimmer features
    • Set color temperature (for white ligth) to set light warm / cold tone white  light (for RGBW, RGB CCT, CCT LEDs)
  • Supports 9 modes: you may chose 9 different lighting mode to in different scenes, such as parties
  • Using 2.4GHz RF remote controller technology as a local remote control, no Zigbee or other hub needed for RF remote control
  • Control distance: up to 30 meters
  • Transmitting power: 6 dBm
  • 60 second AUTO OFF feature - just push the moon icon to automatically turn off the light in 60s
  • Operated by AAA battery
  • Material: PC

Product type:
2.4GHz RF remote controller
Plug&Play installation:
Device power supply:
2 pcs AAA battery
Operating temperature range:
-20°C – 60°C
Direct local remote control:
yes, it can be used to locally remote control Gledopto Plus and Pro devices equipped with 2.4GHz RF receivers
75 g/pcs
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Gledopto GL-RC-009, 8-zone LED RF remote controller (for Gledopto Pro RGB+CCT LED controllers)