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Gledopto GL-C-008WL 5V-24V smart IC LED controller with Wi-Fi (WLED firmware)

The Gledopto GL-C-008WL WLED is an ESP8266 chip based IC LED strip controller. The controller can be used for 5V-24V DC powered IC LED strips with a maximum output current of 10A. The controller is capable of addressing 800 Digital LEDs and is compatible with most common LED strip types (SM16703P, SK6812, WS2811, WS2812B, etc.). ) 

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Supported protocols:
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Features of WLED LED strip controllers:WLED is an open source platform developed for ESP chip controllers (ESP 8266 and ESP32).

The sole purpose of these controllers is to control digitally addressed LEDs.
The platform supports a wide range of digital LED strip types and offers users flexible parameterization and pre-created control modes.

GL-C-008WL WLED device features:
ESP8266 chip (4MB): Upgradeable with official WLED firmware.

Communication protocol: Gledopto WLED uses the WLED application to control LED strips, wirelessly connected to the network via Wi-Fi.

Dynamically changing modes: the WLED app has more than 100 different control schemes to choose from. The LED strip will help you in your everyday life thanks to its different controls, from setting the mood to creating intimate moments.

DIY modes:
In addition to the built-in modes, the Gledopto WLED LED strip controller supports custom modes, so you can create unique control images according to your preferences.

LED Tape Compatibility: The Gledopto WLED LED controller can address up to 800 IC LEDs on a single LED tape and is compatible with a wide range of IC LED types WS2812B, SM16703P, SK6812, WS2811 etc. This gives you the flexibility to design your LED lighting with the right components for your needs.

Application scenarios:
The Gledopto WLED LED strip controller can be used in a wide variety of places such as your home, business premises, entertainment or even exhibitions, etc. You can create different moods in these applications to make life more colorful.

Product name: WLED IC LED strip controller
Model Number:GL-C-008WL
Voltage: DC 5-24V IC Quantity.
Max. total current: 10A Max. total current: 10A
Max. size: 89*48*23.5mm
Operating temperature: -20-45 °C
Compatible tape: WS2811, SK6812, SM16703P, WS2812B etc.
Microphone: None
UART(USB port for firmware modification): None

Product type:
IC LED Controller, RGB LED strip with WiFi smart control
Device power supply:
12V or. 24V DC
Dimmer feature:
RF transmitter / receiver:
69 g/pcs
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Gledopto GL-C-008WL 5V-24V smart IC LED controller with Wi-Fi (WLED firmware)
Gledopto GL-C-008WL 5V-24V smart IC LED controller with Wi-Fi (WLED firmware)