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Aeotec Heavy Duty (40A) Switch, with Z-Wave protocol (ZW078-C)

Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch has 40A max. performance and supports Z-Wave technology.

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The Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch is based on Aeotec's Smart Switch technology. Just like all Aeotec smart switches, this one can be automated, manually controlled and remotely monitored. It is also equipped with Aeotec's reliable and accurate power consumption monitoring technology. Wireless control. You're in control of everything it's wired to. The Heavy Duty Smart Switch can be controlled via Z-Wave remotes, apps and gateways if needed.

Automation Control. Electronics don't always have to be on, they only have to be on when we need them. With Heavy Duty Smart Switch, you can automate and schedule the operation of connected high-power devices.

Cost control. Electronic devices that consume a lot of power are usually the ones that cost the most money to operate. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can calculate and report your expenses in watts and kilowatt-hours in real time.

Emergency Control. In the event of an emergency, Z-Wave can be used to turn off the connected device. This can prevent further damage to electronics and your home.

Indoor switch and outdoor switch. The Z-Wave smart switch can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Heavy Duty Smart Switch has not only been made waterproof for outdoor use. It has also been equipped with all the technology needed for proper outdoor operation: a long-range antenna capable of communicating over 150 meters outdoors, and a Z-Wave repeater so it can communicate with other Z-Wave devices installed outdoors.


  • Z-Wave Heavy Duty Switch
  • 40A switching capacity at 230V
  • IP44 water protected
  • Energy measurement
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus

Device power supply:
230V AC
yes, Z-Wave plus
490 g/pcs
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Aeotec Heavy Duty (40A) Switch, with Z-Wave protocol (ZW078-C)
Aeotec Heavy Duty (40A) Switch, with Z-Wave protocol (ZW078-C)