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AQARA Motion Sensor P2 (Thread)

AQARA P2 is a battery-powered smart motion sensor with Thread protocol, this sensor switches to a state on motion, which can be used to set a variety of home automations. In addition, the sensor has a light detection function, for which you can also create automations.

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The AQARA P2 is a motion and light sensor with a battery powered multisensor Thread protocol that can natively support the Matter standard. The AQARA P2 motion detector can be an important complementary device for creating a sense of security in the home. In addition to motion state change detection, it also has a light sensor that measures the amount of light in LUX and displays the values in the app. As with the motion sensor, automations can be created for changes in the state of the motion sensor, as well as for exceeding threshold values for light levels. The sensor works with two CR2450 batteries, which are supplied by the manufacturer in the package. With an average use, the battery life is up to 2 years. A Thread hub is required for the device to work. From AQARA's range, the AQARA Hub M3 gateway is the perfect choice.
Set the viewing angle of the sensor as you like. With an extra wide angle of detection(170° up to 7 m), the versatile 360° adjustable base allows you to adjust the detection angle to detect movement only in the areas you want.It sends an instant alert if intrusion or motion is detected.

Can be placed anywhere without tools. You can mount the accessory base anywhere by gluing it in a horizontal position
or vertical surface.
Compatible with HomeKit, SmartThings, Google, Alexa and IFTTT
Factory part number: ML-S03D

Angle of view:
170° (up to 2 meters), 150° (up to 7 meters)
Device power supply:
battery (2 pcs CR2450)
Controllable from internet:
yes, if connected to an Thread gateway like AQARA Hub M3
70 g/pcs
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