BroadLink TC3-EU-2 2 Gang Smart Light Switch

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BroadLink TC3-EU-2 2 Gang Smart Light Switch
BroadLink TC3-EU-2 2 Gang Smart Light Switch
BroadLink TC3-EU-2 2 Gang Smart Light Switch
BroadLink TC3-EU-2 2 Gang Smart Light Switch
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Broadlink TC3-EU-2 Smart Switch (EU version, 2-channel)

Enjoy convenient control of your lighting and more! Control your devices with an app or voice assistant such as Siri, Google or Alexa and create work schedules, timers and scenes. The Broadlink TC3-EU-2 smart switch is extremely easy to install and use. It does not require N line. It also works well as a universal controller - simply configure its buttons to respond as you want them to!


Control your lighting with your voice

Don't feel like getting out of bed to turn off the light? Or maybe you have your hands full while cooking and you need extra light? No problem! The Broadlink switch is compatible with Google Assistant, which means you can conveniently control your connected devices with voice commands. Now all it takes is a few words to turn on a light or change its intensity!


All you have to do is reach for your smartphone

Not sure if you turned off all the lights before leaving the house? Or maybe it happens quite often that you forget to turn off the lights when you go to a party or to work? Don't worry - just reach for your smartphone! The Broadlink app lets you control your lights remotely. Now you can turn your lamp on or off at any time, wherever you are - in the office, in a restaurant, or even in a foreign hotel.


Adjust light to your lifestyle

With Broadlink, your lighting can be perfectly tailored to you. Create a schedule that makes the light turn on automatically at the time you get out of bed and turn off when you go to bed in the evening. You can also set the lamp to turn off automatically after a certain time - great for a child who doesn't like to go to sleep in the dark, for example.


Intelligent home that is comfortable to live in

Now your smart home will be even better suited to your needs. The Broadlink switch allows you to create complex scenarios, which you can then activate with, for example, the appropriate voice command. What does this mean in practice? Make your Alexa assistant turn on the lights and start the coffee machine when you say hello in the morning - all it takes is just a few words!


Create smart scenes with IFTTT

The surprises don't end there! The switch is compatible with IFTTT, so you can create scenes and further customize your smart home to meet the needs and habits of your entire family. Use the sensors and other devices available for purchase separately to, for example, make the lights turn on automatically as soon as you enter the house or turn off when you leave the bedroom - the possibilities are truly vast!


Configure the buttons the way you want

The Broadlink smart switch is not only suitable for controlling lighting! You can freely program the product's buttons so that pressing them triggers a specific device or activates a specific scene. Take advantage of this opportunity to turn the device into a universal controller and enjoy even more convenient management of your smart home system.



Fearful of complicated switch configuration? Don't be! Unlike other Wi-Fi smart devices, this kind of product does not require a neutral wire, so it can fit into all homes. Its modular design makes it fabulously easy to install. The switch also ensures user safety - it meets CE and RoHS standards, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates. It is also distinguished by elegant design and exceptional durability.




  • Brand: Broadlink
  • Model: TC3-EU-2
  • Standard: 2-gang
  • Input: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Max load (each gang): 100W (LED or CFL) / 200W (incandescent)
  • Dimensions: 86x86x36.2mm
  • Working temperature: 0-40°C
  • Working related humidity: ≤80%
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Supported systems: iOS 9.0, Android 4.1 or above
Last 5 pcs in stock
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