BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit

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BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
BroadLink TC3-EU-1 1 Gang Smart Light Switch Kit
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Broadlink S3-TC3 kit with S3 hub and TC3 1-channel switch

Enjoy convenient control over your smart home. The Broadlink S3-TC3 kit includes the TC3 1-channel switch and the S3 hub, to which up to 8 additional switches can be connected. In addition, it does not require N line. Create work schedules and operate your devices with voice commands thanks to compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also program smart scenes using IFTTT. Living in your smart home just got more fun!


Gain convenient control of your smart home

Experience how convenient managing your smart home system can be. The included S3 hub allows you to control paired devices with a smartphone via the FastCon protocol at a frequency of 2.4GHz. It can operate up to 8 switches simultaneously and supports 2-way communication with TC3. Now all you have to do is reach for your phone and launch the app to control specific equipment from anywhere and create detailed work schedules for them!


Functional switch included

The included switch gives you a lot of interesting possibilities. You can configure it in such a way that it allows you to conveniently run specific devices or activate intelligent scenes. Thanks to IFTTT compatibility, it is compatible with over 700 brands of equipment. You also don't have to worry about problems with configuring the switch. The product is very easy to install and does not require a neutral wire, which means it will work great in most homes.


Control your devices with your smartphone

The TC3-EU kit will make your life easier in many ways. After setting up your hub, lighting, and other devices, you can conveniently control your smart home using the Broadlink app. With the Broadlink app, you can turn your devices on and off at almost any time, anywhere - whether you're at home or away from home, at work or on vacation abroad.


Create job schedules and try the timer function

This is not the end of the possibilities the application gives you. For example, you can use it to create schedules for lights and other devices. Do you usually get up around 7am? Set your lamp and coffee maker to automatically start at that hour. Or use the timer feature, which makes paired devices automatically turn off after a set amount of time. Your kid doesn't like the dark? Now you can make the bedside lamp stop working just after he or she falls asleep!


Take advantage of the opportunities offered by working with IFTTT

Want more? We have something special for you! The included gateway and switch are IFTTT compatible, giving you the ability to create complex, intelligent scenes using Broadlink and other brands of devices. For example, you can now make the lights turn on automatically when you enter the house and turn off when you leave a specific room. Try it out and see how much you can gain!


Control your lighting with your voice

Cooking, both hands busy, and you could use some extra lighting? Or maybe you want to turn off the light and go to bed, but you do not feel like getting out of bed? It's not a problem anymore! The included Broadlink devices are compatible with Google and Alexa assistants. Now with just a few words, the lighting in your home will adjust to your expectations!



In the box:

  • Smart light switch TC3 (1-channel)
  • Smart hub S3



  • Brand: Broadlink
  • Model: S3-TC3
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Input consumption: 750mA (micro USB)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C-50°C
  • Working humidity: ≤85%
  • Wireless power: ≤0.69W
  • Wireless connection: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n
  • Communication protocol: FastCon
  • Dimensions: 46x46x43mm
  • Supported systems: iOS 7.0, Android 4.0 or above
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