BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button

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BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
BroadLink SR3-4Key Smart Button
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Broadlink SR3-4 Smart button

Are you looking for a way to conveniently control your smart devices without having to frequently reach for your phone? We have something special for you! The Broadlink SR3-4 switch allows you to control all the devices connected to it, or activate specific scenes with selected buttons. It can also be used as a three-way light switch. For proper operation, it requires the S3 hub, which is not included and is available for purchase separately.


Wide compatibility

Gain a ton of additional capabilities. The product is compatible with many different devices and switches. For example, you can successfully pair it with your TV, air conditioner, electric curtains, lamp, bulb or LED tape of your choice. It works perfectly with smart outlets and controllers. You can also connect it to a specific switch. Now all you have to do is press a button to make your smart home adapt to you!


Call specific scenes with a single click

No more having to reach for your phone every time. The Switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT - program specific scenes and assign them to selected buttons. Now, with just one click, you can change the lights, start the TV, or activate the air conditioner in the blink of an eye. Coming home from work? Set the switch so that with one click you can turn on the lights, turn on the fan, and play music. See for yourself how convenient it is!


Conveniently control your lighting

With Broadlink, you can control lighting even more conveniently. The SR3-4 is perfect as a three-way switch along with a smart switch and special hub. Conveniently turn on the light with the switch in the living room, and turn it off in the bedroom with the corresponding button. Controlling lighting throughout your home just got even easier!


Make your home safe

This practical switch will come in handy in many different applications. For example, you can use it to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Set one of the buttons in such a way that pressing it sends an alert to your phone or activates another device that you can buy separately, such as an alarm or a camera. With Broadlink you will be able to respond instantly to any disturbing events in your home!


Colorful stickers included - no more confusing buttons!

Fear you might forget which switch buttons activate certain scenes? Don't be! In the package you will find 40 ready-made stickers - stick them in the appropriate places of the device and you will always know where to press in order to turn off all the connected appliances or turn on the light. Don't like the designs? No problem! The kit also comes with 10 colorful stickers that you can personalize and label according to your preferences.


Beautifully simple to install

Say goodbye to wiring problems and complicated device configuration. The Broadlink SR3-4 switch is completely wireless. It only needs 3 AAA batteries to power it, providing up to 2 years of service time. Please note, batteries are not included and must be purchased separately. The 2.4G connection will surprise you with its speed and stability. The product is also child's play to install. You only need to follow 3 simple steps to set it up correctly!


In the box:

  • Smart button
  • Mounting board
  • Double-sided stickers
  • Stickers



  • Brand: Broadlink
  • Model: SR3-4
  • Wireless connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Working temperature 0-50°C
  • Working humidity: ≤80% RH
  • Hub required: S3
  • Max. distance from the hub: 10m (no obstacles)
  • Power supply: 3x AAA battery
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IMDA
  • Dimensions: 69x69x17mm
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