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Sonoff S26R2 smart Wi-Fi plug (4000W / 16A) Type L

WiFi-equipped smart plug, remotely controllable via Internet and smartphone, with timer and scheduler features.

Sonoff S26 (R2) is the new version of the popular Sonoff S26 WiFi plug, with identical look but higher maximum performace (4000W/16A). Type L.

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That' s a Sonoff S26 (R2) is Type L version, with built-in Wi-Fi chip. the new version has extended power capacity of max . 4000W / 16A so can safety controll and manage any kind of high performance / high consumption device like any ironing machine. Despite higher perfomance the smart S26 R2 plug looks exatly the same as the older version. 

It can be used to convert a tradional wall socket to a smart socket.  Connected with the eWeLink app to turn existing appliances into smart devices, convenient to remotely control on your phone.

S26 (R2) is the successor, a new version of the popular Sonoff S26 WiFi plug, with identical look but higher maximum performace.

Tap once on your phone, your home comes to life instantly when you arrive home. The plug turns the porch light on, switch your water heater on. With S26, all jobs are ready for you.

Work with your phone to keep you in control over your connected devices, even when you’re away. Not sure the kettle is off when you leave? Take it easy, it can automatically turn off via your phone.

Aside from that, sync status, share control and power-on state, it’s all available. Show the state of on/off for appliances on your phone; share it with your family to easily control together and make appliances keep the status before power-cut. Simple control for a simpler life.

Turning ON / OFF can be remotely controlled via Internet from a smartphone app (iOS or Android), you can set a single-time or repeated turn ON / OFF. The device has its own physical ON/OFF button, so you can turn ON / OFF the smart device conveniently with it. You can also share remote control capabilities via the app with your family members. It's a perfect solution to smart control home appliances and lights. By using the smart socket you can remotely turn on and control all connected appliances even before coming home, and you can conveniently set a schedule to turn them off to save energy and cost.

Product features:

  • EU version – meets EU standards, has CE certificate.
  • Turning ON / OFF remotely – Anytime, anywhere, from now on you can turn all connected appliances on and off remotely
  • Mobil App – Free iOS and Android mobil App: eWeLink
  • Status monitoring – You can check actual socket status (turned ON or OFF) in the mobile App
  • Scheduling – Various timer functions available: scheduled single time and regular (every week) on/off, countdown/timer, loop
  • Share control – Control the device together with your family members
  • Scene – Turn ON / OFF multiple devices with one tap
  • Smart scene – Triggered on/off by temperature, humidity, motion or other sensors (sold separately)
  • Compatibility – Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Google Nest


Maximum power output of Sonoff S26 (R2) smart socket: 4000W (16A), typically already capable of controlling electric heatingor other high performance devices.

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Sonoff S26R2 smart Wi-Fi plug (4000W / 16A) Type L
Sonoff S26R2 smart Wi-Fi plug (4000W / 16A) Type L